Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2022/2023

Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2022/2023

For the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 season Emerging Talents Milan brings together global design talents to present collections with sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Driven by passion, joy, and the invention of brilliant creative minds, we become part of fascinating theatrical performances together once again in Palazzo Visconti.

Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2022/2023

Photos: ImaxTree

Vitor Zerbinato’s @vitorzerbinato FW2022/23 Studio 54 collection is influenced by the irreverence, freedom, and sensuality that permeated the exclusive events at Studio 54 in New York between the 1970s and 1980s. For this Fall – Winter 2022/2023 Vitor brings the carefully studied volumes in taffeta, snakes that crawl through the sexy tailoring together with tulle and feathers that move your pieces. A collection made to dance!

Cristina Beautiful Life @cristinabeautifullife emphasizes in clothes with boho style, vintage aesthetics but at the same time having a trendy “in-fashion” mood. Her collection tries to pair the “Coachella Girl” side by side with the “Chic Lady”, and vice versa. It’s not only about the designs or the fabrics. Mostly. It’s about the love and devotion on every cloth that she makes.From the very beginning of design until the final cut the Greek fashion house monitors with special care every step of the production to meet the highest quality standard and brand’s aesthetics.

Sima Collezione @simacollezione for the first time ever unravels to the world a preview showcase from her 50 exclusive, high style, evening wear dress collection. Her passion and heart and soul have merged to create an exclusive line that brings all the positive forces of nature into one-of-a-kind evening wear collection. Each of her dresses exemplifies a theme that encompasses the essence of love, peace, hope, faith, kindness, and charity!The designer has blended beauty with heart and soul to celebrate the ultimate elegance, glamor, class, and integrity.

Dobrzanska Couture House @dobrzanska_couturehouse delivers modern, wearable visions from another age. Handmade and rich in legacy from its bold patterns to its fabric choices and techniques. This brand pays homage to Inese’s grandmother Nelly, a strong matriarch who taught her to appreciate the fine arts in dramatic performance, luxury craftsmanship, and history. DOBRZANSKA’s embroidery is inspired by Art Nouveau architecture and jewelry, combining fluid floral lines and the embellishments of rich antique gold and silver adornment. The organic forms found in nature were abstracted into sophisticated and flowing motifs, in an ethereal blend of patterns and human profiles.

Maya Seyferth @maya_seyferth_official Fall-Winter 2022/23 was inspired by her memories of visiting Coney Island before and after the pandemic, the collection is driven by the purpose to create, revolutionize, sophisticated pieces that simultaneously inspire those who wished to stylishly distinguish themselves amongst the crowd, creating pieces that bridge fantasy and reality. The pieces are playful and imaginative, but always made with quality materials and that is Maya Seyferth’s way.


VOR Make-up @vormakeup is the synthesis of millions of looks, faces, colours, technique and art, which the founder Valeria Orlando has enclosed in the cosmetic house born right in the backstage of the catwalks. The VOR Make-up, completely made in Italy, contains a formula that is the result of 8 years of research, experimentation and studies.

Gloria Natural Cosmetics @prirodna_kozmetika_gloria provides a natural and healthy solution for women, men, and babies. Being a natural cosmetic brand, all products fit all skin types. Gloria products consist of the Gold Collection (Day Cream, Night Cream, Hyaluronic Cream, Face Scrub, and Gold Serum) and the Silver Collection (Body, Hair, Baby Care, and Men’s Care Products). The products are made carefully and by hand, with exclusively cold-pressed, unrefined first-class vegetable oils, and all recipes are original and are the result of phyto aromatherapy and pharmaceutical knowledge, experience, and constant research.

Art Director Tariel Bisharian
Head of Styling Russ Ev
Beauty Director & Key Makeup Artist Valeria Orlando
Head of Hair Styling Antonio Iengo
Head of Backstage Giuliana Bortolato
Lighting and Set Family Studio Srl
Partners Lumière Banqueting, Salvatore Caputo Shoes, Backstage No Limits


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