Dreaming Eli SS24 Wild Hearts Bleed London Fashion Week

DREAMING ELI’s Spring Summer 24 is an ode to emotions, the darkest and the ones we fear the most and the journey of self-discovery and self-love.

With her most emotional and personal collection to date, Elisa explores embracing the pain and drawing empowerment from the darker experiences of life. Every single wound in the body and soul becomes both adamant and a weapon, a reminder of resilience.

The collection starts where Autumn Winter 23 left off with a dreamy and romantic tone to it, and progresses with a more and more aggressive expression, and culminates with a feeling of dangerous womanhood.

“Each scar is beauty. Own it. Each emotion is a bullet. Fire it. Be wild. Feel it all. Make your inner voice your Bible. Embrace your core and then hug yourself tight. “

Dreaming Eli

The Dreaming Eli woman becomes Carmilla, the Victorian Vampire who is the embodiment of all men’s fears. As a sexual dominator and societal transgressor, Camilla represents everything that seems threatening for the male and is, therefore, rejected as a monstrous woman of no societal value.

“Listen to the sound of your blood racing through the veins. Feel the heat. And burn. Let yourself on fire. Breath it all. Be free. Feel the fears. Be scared but don’t let this hold you, let this free you. Let this bleed you. Let it bleed. Feel the fire growing. That’s the power. “

Alongside the signature Dreaming Eli colour pallet of muted pale pinks, nudes, creams, and whites; Spring Summer 24 sees the introduction of a new colour to the Dreaming Eli universe; vibrant blood red. The aggressive tone of red is in starch contrast to the dreamy, muted colour pallet and is present via new technique ombre hand dye and adorned encrusted hand embroidery, and with dramatic draping contrasted against sportier silhouettes.

Signature corsetry is ever so present and take centre stage across the collection. The pieces throughout the collection have a vintage feel to it, with a worn effect amplified by Dreaming Eli’s signature techniques of hand distressed silk chiffon and crinkled silk satin. This creates a lived story for each piece, which also has a specific name which tells an individual story with inspiration drawn from Shakespeare and weddings, albeit with a dark twist.

“A female vampire. She baths in blood. A danger to the society that could destroy the patriarchal order. She is a blood sucker. To bleed suddenly becomes an active action: to draw blood. And Wild Hearts Bleed.”

Styling by Matt King
Casting by Irene Manicone
Production by Antony Waller @ AW+C
Makeup by Sharryn Hinchliffe and the M·A·C PRO Team for @maccosmeticsUK

Hair by Pont Smith for Bepop
Nails by Hannah Bent
Photography by Philip Banks
Backstage Photography by Emily Grace Morgan and Nik Hartley
Videography by Sean Jones and Paris Higson
Music by Hasna
Movement Direction by Sophie Chinner
Catering by Roll Baby
PR by IPR London


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