Dreaming Eli AW24 The Dead Woman Talks Back LFW

Dreaming Eli’s Autumn Winter 24 is the tales of beautiful, vulnerable women that in the process of loving are dragged, body and soul, to their deaths. The fallen women, a metaphor for the exterminating powers of unchecked lust in young women.

Female desire is death. SEX IS DEATH . A woman embracing her sexuality is walking to her death – judged by both men and God. A heart-breaking position of women in the Victorian Christian society, the same society that believes that ‘Death is the Mother of Beauty’ like many Victorian poets would agree. The Victorian romanticisation of death and young women classified as aesthetic objects.

Dreaming Eli

Not many voices would stand outside this crowd, and the first one doing so was poet Cristina Rossetti, offering the rare example of a Victorian woman poet who talks back: her female speakers are dead and their voices come from beyond the grave.

I take my heart in my hand’ – Cristina Rossetti.

At the same way Dreaming Eli AW24 women are talking back, louder than ever. The signature Dreaming Eli’s empowering act of taking control of a narrative traditionally used to paint women as weak and powerless, to control their bodies and souls – from corsetry, to feelings, to sexual desire. By doing so Dreaming Eli forges her female army of mystical and powerful creatures who own their bodies and their emotions.

Alongside the signature Dreaming Eli tailoring, corsetry, and lingerie a more streetwear referencing stands out; cropped hand embroidered t-shirts paired with deconstructed denim. A first for Dreaming Eli, which has been upcycled from Vintage Mexico and USA Levi’s to create contemporary couture jeans.

AW24 sees the introduction of stocking jersey, bringing a stretchiness to sheer body con silhouettes, with a progression on tailoring from SS24. Ripped box jackets with moulded corsetry showcases this season take on her signature elements, they are adorned with freshwater pearls and distressed silk chiffons elements and detailing.

The passive act of giving someone your heart, becomes the active act of taking your heart in your own hand and let it live. Embarking upon a daring emotional act.

If fiercely experiencing life means to die – which is a metaphor for suffering – the Dreaming Eli Woman been through death and yet never been this powerful and alive.

She must die to be reborn. She must embrace the pain to then experience the joy. She must feel to live.

Styling by Matt King
Art Direction Consultancy by Arian De Vos
Design Assistants Caitlin O’Connor and Kolya Nicholas
Casting by Irene Manicone
Production by Antony Waller @ AW+C
Makeup by Sharryn Hinchliffe and the M·A·C PRO Team for @maccosmeticsUK
Hair by Aaron Firmstone for Bumble and Bumble
Nails by Hannah Bent for Mii Cosmetics
Photography by Ines Bahr
Music by Hasna Beats by PHUF lyrics by Elisa Trombatore
PR by IPR London
Sponsor Dormeuil UK


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