Dogs In Haute Couture For New York Fashion Week

“Up, Couture!” Dogs In Haute Couture For New York Fashion Week

Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio, is no stranger to the runways, having done runway shows for eleven years with the last nine seasons during New York Fashion Week. Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican ancestry, Mr Rubio with formal training at F.I.T. originally started out as a Women’s Wear designer in the late 80’s for other brands. It wasn’t until he rescued a badly beaten up Chihuahua in 2003 he would name Bandit that he had the idea to dressed Bandit to be as stylish as he was. By 2004, a full brand was established. Anthony Rubio has become the leading force of all Canine Couture.

The pet product industry is estimated to bring in 65 billion dollars annually. You can’t help but notice that pets, primarily dogs appear in everything from ad campaigns to commercials to television shows and movies. Pets have transitioned from man’s best friend to being considered actual family members. People who delay having children or can not have children have chosen to fill the void with a pet. As with any family member, there will always be health issues and the need for vaccinations which in turn requires pet health insurance. Other expenses come in the form of pet grooming, pet sitting and/or pet accommodations while owners work or travel. Pet travel is huge as well because many hotels world wide have opened the doors to these family members.

ReCap – NYFW – Dogs In Haute Couture For New York Fashion Week

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With all of these expenses in place we can not negate the fact the appearances mean everything and that a first impression is based on how one presents oneself. Pet Parents believe that the best impression comes through fashion. Anthony Rubio Designs creates the most distinctive canine fashions to leave the most memorable impressions. Each custom designed garment is a work of art utilizing the best of everything. Anthony Rubio Designs is not only concerned with the pet looking it’s best but also that the pet is comfortable and safe in these one of a kind creation.

From Anthony Rubio

Ay Caramba!

It’s The Anthony Rubio Designs NYFW Spring/Summer 2020 Show

It is with great excitement that I present my ninth consecutive show for New York Fashion Week. This is my Spring/Summer 2020 collection of Women’ Wear, Canine Couture and men’s accessories which were inspired by the influences of the south of the border on the United States. Some notable influences were Freda Kahlo notably, her love for animals and flora. There are pieces inspired by religious iconography namely, The Lady of Guadalupe and of course the festive colors and textiles of such places as Mexico with it’s Day of the Dead and parts of Central America. The canine models are the real models in my show and never to be mistaken as props or accessories. You can say that in my shows the catwalk goes to the dogs. They are purposely highlighted in this presentation by the use of lots of glitter and sequins which will make for an explosive entrance and these pooches are most excited to impress.

While my human models are pros on the runway my canine models come from a variety walks of life as well as long distances. I have rescued dogs most notably Henry who represents Bideawee Animal Rescue, a guide dog in training from The Guide Dog Foundation named Gil and I am introducing a new breed called the Porcelain. There was special consideration to include senior dogs. Just because they are older does not mean that they, like their human counter-parts are not seasoned fashionistas. I also include Instagram famous dogs who are celebrities in their own rights and speaking of celebrity pooches my very own Chihuahua twins, Bogie and Kimba open and close my presentation.

Overall this show is a festive experience intended to bring smiles to all in attendance as well to remind all that our pets are actual family members. What better way to celebrate and honor these family members than to give them this brief moment in the limelight?

To put this collection together, which came to me through the inspiration of my travels to San Antonio,Texas over the Summer, I had to literally hunt down the right textiles and trims to allow me to express the spiritual and joy I experienced while on location. I sought out fabrics that featured the actual icons. My fabrics had to be rich in colors. There were guilt trims with hand sewn jeweled embellishments, hand crafted flowers magnificent plumage which combined created the feel that you had been transported to a parade. As the garments came to completion I could see that my show was taking on a theatrical feel and who does not love the theater? As the models went through there hair and makeup transformations I could see them feel my joy but when the garments went on everyone was all smiles and the canine models expressed their joy with tails a wagging. The mood was set and when that first set of models stepped out onto the catwalk I could hear the gasps from the audience then saw the flashes from cellphone and cameras. Each set of models received well deserved cheers and applause. The audience was moved and with smiles on their faces the audience cheered and gave me a standing ovation expressing how much they enjoyed this experience I was able to bring to them. Coming to an Anthony Rubio Designs presentation is not just any show it is truly an experience. You come away feeling exhilarated and happy.


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