Dharma Chameleon: Khoman Room Brings Buddhist Appeal to Streetwear

Khoman Room Brings Buddhist Appeal to Streetwear

Khoman Room is a men’s streetwear brand based in New York City with a new approach centered around design and conceptual development.

Their latest collection was inspired by Thai tattoos and the secular, animistic, and ritualistic roles of Buddhism in everyday life in Thailand.


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The illustrations of dogs translated into prints and embroideries mirror the various ways in which we strive to carve out a path for ourselves in life. The imagery used in this collection and their placements serve as talismans, reminding us that in the face of adversity and obscurity, great or small, there is always a chance for redemption.

And the redemption cries out that there is a need for good — there is a need to compel, to fix, to probe.

About Khoman Room

Khoman Room was founded in the summer of 2016 by Wow Khoman. She sought out artists and designers she had met at the Rhode Island School of Design, one of whom, Spencer Ahn, is now the Co-Founder of Khoman Room.

The core of the brand speaks to their mutual background as creators. Every garment is meticulously designed in terms of looks and function with artworks made specifically for each collection at the forefront. In their process, they have also developed the brand into a community, bringing together creatives from many different fields and disciplines.Khoman Room is today’s culture and its people coming together through art, design, language, humour, and fashion.


Creative Director: Wow Patamon Khoman
Featured Artist: Daniel Chang Christensen (Anobelisk)
Photographer: Cody Lidtke
Models: Derek Drummon (Poster.boy) & David Chiang


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