Det Blev Sent Spring/Summer 2024 Collection NYFW

The ‘Sleepless Night’ collection finds its roots in the vibrant and fearless spirit of Berlin’s 90s underground rave culture. Berlin, a city that famously never slept after the curfew was lifted in 1949, transformed into a nocturnal playground where night culture became a canvas for youthful experimentation, community building, and the celebration of freedom.

This collection encapsulates the raw energy and fearless attitude that defined Berlin’s 90s youth scene. It was an era when the night was not just a backdrop for pleasure seeking but a realm for unapologetic self-expression.

Det Blev Sent

Masterfully blending refined couture with 90s streetwear fashion, the ‘Sleepless Night’ collection reflects the eclectic and rebellious style of the era. At its core are statement pieces such as hand-made denim fur jackets, calf hair denim-style jackets, python snakeskin embossed leather jackets, nubuck leather denim style jackets, and a daring red crocodile skin embossed leather vest. These pieces are artfully paired with wide-leg oversized jeans and waxed denim flared jeans, creating a fusion of sophistication and street edge. The ensemble is tastefully completed with 90s sports sunglasses inspired eyewear, adding a touch of nostalgia and edge. Notably, the collection also features a grunge and destroyed sweater, embracing the edgy and rebellious spirit of the 90s.

Silhouettes in this collection exhibit pronounced, intensified, and subdued characteristics, delving into radical fluctuations among couture dimensions through the structural composition of the garments. Provocative clashes of texture throw traditional conceptions of fashion off balance and this design philosophy seeks to undermine an environment of stifling conformity with audacious self-expression. The collection treads a fine line between classicism and rebellious behaviorism offering a unique blend of timeless sophistication and daring self-expression.

Functionality and durability is also significant in reflecting the need for functional fashion during the rave movement. The faux leather cargo vest, complete with a detachable sleeve and hood, offers versatility and adaptability. The oversized waxed denim hooded jacket seamlessly combines style with practicality, catering to the demands of the dance culture.

‘Sleepless Night’ pays homage to the essence of dancing, movement, and techno couture. It celebrates a generation that danced to the rhythm of freedom and self-discovery. In this collection, fashion transcends mere clothing; it becomes a form of artistic expression that resonates with the heartbeats of the dance floor.


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