Designer Profile: Jinda Bacho

Editorial Note: This month, in advance of NYFW and World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept 10, 2020, and in conjunction with Mikeysline in the Scottish Highlands, FWO is featuring outstanding young designers with a focus on mental health and wellness.

Designer Profile: Jinda Bacho

I am a Syrian-born artist living in Germany. I love creating fashion, making paintings and making jewelry, because shiny and sparkly things inspire me.

I also like women who take care of their inner and outer beauty.

Jinda Bacho

Q: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Looking back to my past I would say that my interest in fashion was sparked by my creative mother, who sew her own dresses and skirts without any professional knowledge in fashion or tailoring. Back in 2004 I asked my mother to give me some fabric, because I wanted to use her manual sewing machine and create a dress for myself.

She gave some old beautiful purple bed sheets. I took the sewing machine into my room, locked my room and I decided to make a dress for myself.

I really did not know how to do it, how to start and I did not ask for my mothers help. Just wanted to be with myself and do it. Luckily there was a big mirror in the room and I used my own body as a model to work on. I kind of just used my intuition to create the dress and went with the flow. I did not sketch my idea. Just draped it somehow on my body.

I really got inspired that doing fashion can be something very intuitive, even if you do not know about the professional techniques yet. (My mother is an alphabet, does not know to read or write).

In 2018 I redesigned that first dress I made in 2004, just to make it fit my body again. In 2019 I had a photoshooting with that dress (First photo shows that purple dress).

Q: As a designer, what matters to you most?

The most what matters to me as a designer is that making sure my creations are valued and respected, because I know I put so much love and energy into them. I do not like it when people value their consumption more than understanding the value of one clothing.

Q: Who do you envision as your “core customer?”

In this moment I envision women who love colours, glamour and elegance as my core customer.

Q: What’s your vision for the future?

I would love to do haute couture, make jewelry and keep on doing my paintings and drawings. One of my biggest goals is to create one very extraordinary detailed outfit for the stage or some other important occasion in someones life. I simply want to keep doing what I love doing and I am open to how things will develop.


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