Dany Mizrachi Spring Summer 2019 Runway

Dany Mizrachi Spring Summer 2019 Runway

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The story of Israel’s top bridal and evening gown designer, Dany Mizrachi, began when he was just a teenager in Tel-Aviv. What was a small family textile shop turned into a Israeli fashion chain by the Mizrachi Brothers that feathered truly international standards and groundbreaking “Rosh Indiani” designs.

There, Dany created and managed the successful evening gowns department and with increased demand, alongside his own professional skills and ambition, he decided to follow his own footsteps, looking for new horizons, pursuing his path to an independent voice, which was the foundation of the fashion house that bares his name.

Dany Mizrachi : New York BFW19

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Dany’s signature pillars of asymmetrical cuts, three dimensional designs, and the resourcing of the finest raw materials, sent waves throughout the bridal industry. Dany Mizrachi’s success continues to disrupt and innovate as he introduces new designs that are on trend in the international and local scenes, and yet at the same time have his unique touch. His avant-garde approach continues to captivate audiences on a global scale.

The Dany Mizrachi Fashion House is celebrating over 25 years that mark Dany’s high position in the fashion world with his signature cutting edge, high end, one-of-a-kind bridal and evening gown creations.


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