Pascal Millet Fall-Winter 2017

The world’s fanciest couture will fall flat if the silhouette is off.

If Dior has one legacy in modern fashion, it’s in drawing our attention to silhouette: that ghostly specter that hovers behind, and defines, every outfit.

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The French, of course, are masters as it: whether it be a sheath dress with a chunky belt, a wrap dress with a wrap, an X-line with a hat, or any other combination that would look well defined in shadow. Even “hipster” styles rely on silhouette, with their skinny pants, just-so jackets, and clunky shoes.

Like it or not, silhouette reigns supreme: and all the MK- or LV-branded handbags, Swarovski crystals, and rose-gold watches in the world are helpless to improve an ill-defined one.

For Autumn-Winter 2017, Pascal Millet took us on a tour of modern and classic French styling, blending some flapper chic with glammed up boho styling, keeping precise attention to silhouette.

Whereas many designers present collections that live in an otherworldly plane — and may only rarely see the light of day on a consumer — Millet instead created a casual yet glamorous collection: as such, one eminently wearable, and unmistakably French.


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