Scott Elliott
Scott Elliott
Scott Elliott is FWO’s Head of Business. His experiences in events entertainment, games, and technology shape the future growth of FWO. He has worked with partners including Marvel, Blizzard Entertainment, and Steve Aoki. Scott is equally at home shopping thrift stores and designer boutiques, and is eager to meet you in one of the many emerging metaverses to mint NFT wearables.

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, The Savage Meltdown of June 2022: Who Emerges Successfully? Observations from NFT | NYC 2022

Since the massive ten-times growth of cryptocurrencies market capitalization from ~$300b in June 2020, to nearly $3T in late 2021, blockchain-supported technologies have been touted as a solution for an increasingly wide swath of applications. With any adaptable emerging technology, there is a tendency by product marketing teams to give it silver-bullet qualifications to fix your problems, or generate boatloads of money. In recent memory, the world-wide-web experienced such a cycle of growth and over-selling in the late 90s, until the dot com bubble melted in 2001, and dot.coms lost about 80% of their value, in aggregate. With the dotcom meltdown, what emerged from the ashes were services well-suited to deliver greater execution and realization of value for the same or lower total cost than the alternative solutions. Amazon and Google both leapt to the forefront of success stories from that watershed moment in technological history.

With the crypto markets shedding 66% of paper value, (and some currencies finding the bottom of the ocean), we are faced with the same skepticism and caution around everything crypto that WWW saw in 2001, and the expectation from consumers of these tech solutions is that whatever comes next in this market must have the highest level of credibility, content quality, and desirability, as well as security.

Terra Classic (LUNC)

Ultimately, reputation is the key commodity required now for success. So, at this year’s NFT | NYC event the most recurrent theme among NFT & currency token solutions providers was exactly services for creators. Crypto & NFT companies are working to demonstrate they have the best reputation and creative content to share. In a nutshell, the battle for the next phase of success in NFT & cryptocurrency spaces is predicated on providing services to the creator layer of the economy. This means everything from self-branded coins to creation of value-delivery systems for creators to sell not only NFTs and coins, but modes of connecting with their audiences that are different than current webpage, IG, and Discord executions that are prevalent now.

The Fashion Week Online team connected with some of the best companies offering such solutions, and we will add video and links one company at a time to this post.

Here is Tony Pham from Superlayer, to explain how their solutions empower creators to succeed.

NFT Tools for Creators by Superlayer

Keep checking back with us – we will update this post with more information to follow.


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