Cover Story: Holidays with Social Media Icon Simonetta Lein

Holidays with Social Media Icon Simonetta Lein

You may remember our friend and social media influencer Simonetta Lein from last New York Fashion Week. Recently, we caught up with her to get her thoughts about the upcoming holiday season.

Q: What do the holidays mean to you?

They are all about having that special smile and a sense of cheer – just like when I was a child. The holidays signify lights and over-eating without regret. Most importantly they mean being with family members who I usually don’t see during the year. 

Q: What are the most fashionable holiday destinations in your opinion? What are your favorite places to go?

Well as far as being fashionable goes, nothing beats Italy. Milan and “La Galleria” with all the lights is something to see, as well with the lit-up trolley cars; The handmade nativity scenes in spaccanapoli Naples are world famous for a reason; Salerno (near Naples) and its myriad of “flying” decorations can’t be missed; Rome’s old city lit up with magical Christmas lights brings you to another time; oh, and who can forget Venice at Christmas…. I think I’ve said it all.

I moved to Philadelphia two years ago therefore the holidays for me are at HOME as I enjoy getting settled in. I also just became an aunt and my baby niece needs her routine – and I love to spoil her so very much.

Holidays with Simonetta Lein

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(Pictures by Raphael Amabile, Backpack by Zac Posen for Simonetta Lein / style by @ninortamalke #ootd provided by @dreamsonairnyc #gown by @jacquelinethen #pictureoftheday by @bcproductions215 #hairstyle by @alelucchetta #makeup by @catinwonderlandd)

Q: What is the greatest thing about the holidays?

The spirit, that magical feeling that surrounds us all – where you can even sense that people’s hearts are more open than usual. Everyone seems to becomes a child again (albeit for a few wonderful days). I am obsessed with Christmas movies and holiday songs in the car. Yes, I have become that person and I love it.

Q: What is the most difficult thing?

A few years back I would have had to say getting along. Since I myself had to start my life over from scratch and risk everything, I have started to understand other people better and I have learned to be much more patient. I am determined to give my extra smile during the holidays so that I can make sure everyone around me will feel the Christmas spirit. Saying no to all the delicious food is difficult, and if you are into Christmas lights beating your neighbors can become somewhat of a challenge :).

Q: How do you shop for friends and family? What are your holiday shopping or gifting tips?

Gifts can be tricky. How many times have we all received an unwanted present? Gifts also have a lot to do with patience and creativity. I use social media a lot to see the latest trends and to pull some inspiration about something new. Going shopping for antiques can be something different and unusual, and when you find something cute and useful for the house you generally can’t go wrong. In any case, try to have fun thinking about the people you are selecting the gift for. This is a cheerful moment of the year when we show appreciation to those we love – that is the most important tip. 

In particular for this holiday season, I’m so excited to announce that I have partnered with iMaxAlarm to help empower women and raise awareness for the growing Street Harassment movement. Throughout the month of December, with the sale of each iMaxAlarm SOS device, iMaxAlarm SOS Kids device or iMaxAlarm SOS Alert band, iMaxAlarm will donate $1 to in order help make a meaningful and inspiring wish come true for a woman or family in need this holiday season. Please learn more about iMaxAlarm by going to and make a SMART AND MEANINGFUL CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Together, we CAN make a difference!

Q: How do you dress for the holidays? What are your holiday style tips?

Life is a party, dress like it. That should be your general mood. For the Holidays I always add some sparkles to my makeup, and some gold to my clothes and accessories. Red is always appropriate as is silver. Glitter and more glitter, metallic and velvet (if not now, when?). This is the holidays season and traditions reign. If you are a woman, please never forget red lipstick at Christmas. If you are a man, demand that your woman kiss you in red. It is the Holiday season!

Q: Who is your favorite designer for the holidays?

I just buy everything that fits me well and I make it classy and especially holiday spirit oriented. I must say that last year Gucci won me over with their stunning print for the gown that First Lady Michelle Obama wore. It was done in Christmas colors like emerald green with golden pink on an elegant black elegant – an off the shoulder beauty. I go weak in the knees for prints and when elegance meets the holidays you have won me over forever. As always, good job Gucci.

Q: Do you like to cook? What are your favorite holiday tips for hosting a meal or party?

Yes, I do. My husband however is so talented that I leave him center stage perform incredible homemade traditional Italian meals. I set the table. I love colored crystal glasses at Christmas: they are my favorite tip to immediately create a holiday vibe, fine porcelain and vintage decorations are a must. I like old school ornaments put together on a pretty plate or bowl, with some fake ice and some green (from the flower shop or your garden) and you have Christmas magic. This composition can be put as a center piece on your table, maybe with a candle in the middle.

Q: Any other advice for the holidays?

Have fun. This is the season. We are allowed to be cheerful and have those same feelings we had when we were children. Do not forget the real holiday spirit. Try to do at least one good thing for someone less fortunate than you: even if for some reason you don’t like the Holiday season, doing this good deed might make you feel the true spirit of Christmas. Be well, may this holiday season bring you and your dear ones’ happiness. We need more happy people in this world.


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