Completedworks Autumn/Winter 2022 LFW Presentation Lunch Break

Completedworks Autumn/Winter 2022 LFW Presentation Lunch Break

For Autumn Winter ’22, Completedworks presents a collection through an exploration of public spaces – and the way we passively interact with them: in an imagined town square, office workers take breaks, acquaintances meet, a few weary tourists rest.

The concept began with the idea that public spaces deal with both personal and collective memories and that the physical poses we take on – how we sit, how we hold sandwich or talk to a friend – are themselves a record of emotion and an exploration of tension and emotional strain.


The performance captures the use of public spaces in suspension and questions the value society places on the spaces that we are only allowed to inhabit temporarily.


Art Direction: Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki
Styling: Julia Brenard & Lorna McGee
Set Design: Cassandra Adjei
Casting Director: Emilie Astrom at Creartvt
Sound: Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki
Make up: Helena Kastensson using MAC cosmetics
Hair: Yoshi Miyazaki using L’Oréal Professionnel
Nails: Tomoko Komiya
Images: Danai Mourouzis


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