Clara Meyer resides on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, coming a long way from growing up in the Midwest and Italian roots. You can find Clara at @savento_.

Clean Market, the New York Wellness Destination

New York City is an exhausting, stressful place to live. There aren’t a lot of places you can decompress or get away from the noise to take care of yourself. Not until the opening of Clean Market, that is.

Lily Kunin of @CleanFoodDirtyCity wanted to create a place that you could go and really reset yourself with everything wellness in one place. The first Clean Market location has a storefront shopping area that carries supplements, Lord Jone’s cbd gummies, Herbivore Botanicals products; basically everything you could need for a dreamy self-care Sunday. They also have a coffee bar with cbd drinks, superfood smoothies and matcha.

I came in for a cryotherapy facial, an IV and boosters on a nasty, rainy day. Once I got inside the minimal, white space I was ushered to the back area where I sat down and got an amazing cryofacial while sipping a glow-recipe smoothie.

The idea behind the facial is minus 200 to 300 degree air is blown all over your face to remove that top layer of dead skin cells to wake up the fresh, new cells below. This tells your skin cells that are constantly working to keep your face temperature warm to cool it down (literally) which helps kick up collagen production.

My facial was so enjoyable, I felt so relaxed and since the air was constantly moving around my face, neck and chest it wasn’t uncomfortable or intense. My skin had a noticeable glow for the week after, I’d seriously suggest trying this facial!

My skin had a noticeable glow for the week after

Clean Market

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The second half of my Clean Market experience was in their medical spa area, where I was set up on a Nutridrip. I chose the glow option because I love a good glow without highlighter.

Now, coming from the person who literally has never gotten a flu shot because I hate needles, believe me when I say that the IV was so much more enjoyable than I expected you should believe me. So after I had the Nutridrip I had a few booster shots (in my butt).

the IV was so much more enjoyable than I expected

My word of advice, if you aren’t used to getting shots or giving blood, slow your roll and pace yourself on the boosters. After two boosters I fainted, but woke up with cold towels all over me and nurses holding watermelon juice. Keep in mind that I literally pass out at the dentist’s office, and I never wake up with a freshly pressed watermelon juice.

Don’t walk, run to make an appointment at the Clean Market and get yourself glowing from the inside out. Make sure to pick up some wellness products on your way out, and if you feel so inclined to see what brought me back after passing out, try the amazing watermelon juice!


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