Cividini Pre Fall Winter 2019 Collection

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The expression “BEL VESTIRE”. It certainly belongs to the Italian linguistic tradition meaning with this allotment what in terms of quality, elegance, accuracy of execution, intrinsic value of materials, measure of aesthetics and design characterizes the ITALIAN TOUCH that the whole world recognizes us.

The new trend that goes forward fully embraces this concept while modernizing it with the contamination of breaking elements that the new generation, that of the Millennials, has brought to the fore and has absorbed previous generations. For their part the Millennials approaching the philosophy of “BEL VESTIRE” discover the value of the cultural substratum that lies behind a piece of clothing appreciating, when they meet it, the pleasure of being well dressed combined with the “SLOW” realization of the artefacts obtained with ancient techniques crafted or with the most modern technology.

Cividini Pre Fall Winter 2019 Collection

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CIVIDINI has always been close to this philosophy, drawing heavily on the tradition of craftsmanship and slow technology, which the realization of quality requires, proposes its most genuine interpretation, reinterpreting its iconic pieces. Here then is the cardigan in cashmere knit in fisherman rib wide and without buttons. The duster at the knee closed with a long row of buttons but forgetting the first from the neck to create a particular neckline; tightens at the waist with a belt with metal buckle shaped like an es. A lightweight sweater with trompe l’oeil effect on the sleeves sprinkled with Swarovski in light wool and silk. The long double-breasted cardigan closed with a military-style belt. An ample merino wool poncho with a large ribbed collar. A crew neck in cashmere “plume” with opening on the back and band to tie on the front. The over-size sweater in fisherman rib with a “flown” neck and an asymmetric hem. The huge off-gauge cashmere stole. The mutton softens nappe coat with fur on the inside, reversible, in a double-breasted military look. A knitted tricot little coat woven by our master knitters on hand machines. A worsted wool skirt with three flounces. A caban with Milano Stitch with a wild marmot fur collar. A ribbed cardigan sloping towards the neck to emphasize the flared line. The short knit braided sweater of the hand-made series.

The plume cashmere sweatshirt outside and the inside in cotton. A double breast wool blouson with salt and pepper effect with the application of ribbons grosgrain for the construction of the abutting. A light and wide t-shirt with a “shaped” neck, a light batwing sleeve and a “wave” bottom. A rolled neck with a slim line and large inlaid geometric patterns. A parka with double face with exterior in polyester taffetas and inside in cashmere with “threaded” fox collar. Oversize T-shirt in super light cashmere. Pants and skirt in washed cotton or combed wool complete the looks.

Cashmere plume, Cashmere high gauge, Wool and fluid silk, Super Geelong hyper washed Maxi Bouclé, Cashmere blend.

Ecru, dusty grey, white, black , lead, military green and banana.


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