Chase Shuman SS24 Presentation NYFW

Having recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design studying menswear, Chase Shuman is debuting his first collection at his first presentation show.

His use of innovative materials paired together with asymmetry and deconstructive lines, his collection is a combination of conceptual imagination and feminine playfulness. After a year of working an office job due to the pandemic, Chase came back to designing with a renewed sense of purpose. He began to sketch and design and realized he wanted to create a brand that celebrated the beauty of nature, the power of self-expression, and the importance of sustainability. Chase aims to create garments that not only look beautiful but also feel comfortable and ethically made.

Chase Shuman

Chase Shuman debuts his first presentation at SS24 NYFW. Rooted in the natural flow of emotions, guided by feelings, Chase Shuman wants to emphasize sustainability, limited runs, and ethical production throughout his work.


Make up: Claire Perez with New York Make Up Academy Keyed and designed by Molly Maire Ganster, executed by Shawna Elizabeth.
Hair: Gary Baker with UNITE Hair
Stylist: Grace Huey x Angela Qian x Chase Shuman
Music Curation: Chase Shuman x Angela Qian
Production Coordination: Chase Shuman x Bryn Mayo
Movement Direction & Casting: Chase Shuman x Angela Qian
Photography: Silvi Tela for white background photos , Alyssa Carrai (for the photos I shared of the show), Monica Molto for the show photos in the folder with the lookbook images
Venue: Jane Ives Studio
Shoes: Reike Nen
Public Relations: Lindsey Media
Models: Riley Woodell, Celestia Seyvant, Milla Chunton, Grayson Muller, Lihem Russon, Jillian Rose, Maxime Hoover, Erika Emaldi


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