Charlotte Reardon, A New Kind of Leading Lady, to Walk Cupshe in Miami

Could the next-up “it” leading lady be the in-between-size, mid-thirties girl next door?

After an 8-year stint, working actively in both production & fit, British model Charlotte Reardon transitioned to runway and everything about her “look” – early 30s with a fit tattooed physique — is resonating with audiences.

Could this reflect a real-time, dynamic shift on fashion runways? Reardon believes there is a gap in this demographic representation, and it is one that she aptly answers. Now, she’s advocating for those mid-30s, size 6/8ish ladies with faded tattoos & everyday bruises. Though rarely seen on runways, women in their 30s are in fact the norm in department stores: They purchase clothes for their day jobs – to fulfill their many roles from motherhood to the office – as well as for beach, cruise and play, plus evening wear and more.

Recent US Census reports estimate that there are about 55 million women in the 30s to 40s segment in the USA. These mid-to-late Millennial females (defined as those currently 25 to 41; born 1981-1996) have an estimated collective net worth of approximately $4+ trillion (Source: Federal Reserve) Considering this? Reardon is clearly speaking up for a powerful demographic.

With a passion for representing a healthy, fit lifestyle that is accessible to everyone, and important to this age group, Reardon’s mission is clear: Help women in their 30s see themselves on the runway, including the not so tall, not so young, in-between size, all-body types… and have a ton of fun doing it!

WRITING: Dian Grisel aka Silver Disobedience
PHOTO: Alexandra Cameron

Will more brands will see the possibilities? There’s lots of money on the line for those brands that understand the power of acknowledging, featuring and motivating the new mom, post covid, working from home or in the office career women. Runway IS for all of us.

Catch Charlotte walking for cupshe this swim week.


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