“Kimono for the Future!” Kimonos Come to New York Fashion Week

Photo: Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi for i-D
Photo: Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi for i-D

Bringing Real Kimono to New York Fashion Week

Kimono Hiro-new-york-fashion-week-4This is exactly the kind of story that gives us goosebumps. It just intersects with so many things we love: artisan craftsmanship, bringing traditional processes and designs into the modern era: and perhaps even — on a deeper scale — the notion that the earth’s heritage belongs to all of us.

Oh, it’s also the first Kickstarted-funded NYFW show.

Will kimono become a recognized as a “universal formal wear that is beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries?” With designs like this, we’re pretty sure it will.
Reversing The Trend
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The NYFW Event

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We’ll update you with pictures and videos after the event.

The Show is February 16, 2016

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