Bárbara Castellanos Dazzles with Pasarellas at Arab Fashion Week

Bárbara Castellanos Dazzles with Pasarellas at Arab Fashion Week

After the successful global launch of her brand Passarellas in Miami, businesswoman Bárbara Castellanos revealed her collection to the most renowned designers from across the world from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas during Arab Fashion Week.

Bárbara Castellanos

Dubai, the capital of luxury fashion, was the perfect place to showcase her brand Passarellas, a collection combining the experience of Bárbara Castellanos as a Top Model and the exquisite style of the renowned designer Giannina Azar.

the collection combines the experience of Bárbara Castellanos and the exquisite style of Giannina Azar

The participation of Pasarellas in the Arab Fashion Week is a stepping stone for her brand that a month ago celebrated its global launch in Miami’s fashion industry.“Being able to reach the Arab countries, where it was difficult to believe that women could take on an important leading role, feels incredible. Doing it hand in hand with my pillar Giannina Azar makes it even more special because thanks to her, doors opened in the most prestigious fashion events”, says Bárbara.

During 5 days, the most renowned regional and international designers showcased their fall 2022 collections at the Arab Fashion Week, which featured more than 25 fashion shows from around the world. Passarellas was one of the highlights, thanks to its purpose of inspiring women to show their inner beauty while wearing luxury designs that enhance their glow and self-esteem.

This collection was born from Bárbara Castellano’s love for fashion, which is something she has been passionate about ever since she was a child. “Elegance, haute couture, and exclusive designs are the main characteristics of Passarellas; each design captures what fashion represents to me while combining my experience in the runways I have participated in, making Pasarellas a very interesting proposal with a lot of personality.”

Elegance, haute couture, and exclusive designs are the main characteristics of Passarellas

Highlights of her career include her participation in campaigns with Dior, Pretty Little Things, Fashion Nova, revolve, and Giannina Azar, walking the modeling the most important runways in the world: The Miami Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, RD Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week among others.

With the international success of Passarellas, the Top Model and Beauty entrepreneur climbs to a new level in her thriving career. Occupying an honorary place in the global fashion industry. She intends to position herself at the top in the upcoming years with her dazzling style full of glam and shine made for powerful women who are willing to conquer the world.

Bárbara says “we will be making alliances with more Latin American designers to promote Passarellas as the best sales platform for designers while continuing my international expansion.”

we promote Passarellas as the best sales platform for designers


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