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Fashion and Beyond: FNL Network

by Allee Feuerman

Dive into an exclusive world of fashion, talk one-on-one with models from all over the globe, explore the lifestyles of locals in foreign countries like Morocco or Indonesia, and walk down the streets of popular cities to uncover unique fashion trends taken right off the sidewalk. The Fashion News Lifestyle (FNL) Network is capturing an incredible range of lifestyles through travel, reality TV, documentaries, films, and more award-winning programming to provide an unparalleled viewer experience for anyone and everyone. 

FNL Network TV

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With over 20 shows on the network’s platform, there is something unique for everyone. FNL Network uses its platform on Roku and Amazon Fire TV to reach over 61 million homes globally, and the best part is, it’s totally free. 

Rocco Leo Gaglioti the President and CEO of FNL Network has been in the fashion and entertainment industry for over 25 years and is a very talented, award-winning director and producer. He’s won awards all across the globe, from his first movie ever made, which won best documentary in Hollywood and beyond, to his award-winning programs featured on FNL Network. As an icon, Gaglioti is certainly a major role model in the industry today.

Multi Emmy award-winner RuPaul says, “It’s an honor to be on his show Fashion News Live with Rocco (Founder of FNL Network) who I just adore!”

Multi Emmy award-winning Carson Kressley, fashion expert on “Queer Eye” and judge on RuPaul’s “Drag Race,” says, “FNL Network has always been my favorite source for expert fashion news from runways all over the world!” 

FNL Network incorporates a broad scope of ideas and funnels them down into one main overarching concept; lifestyle. You’ll have the opportunity to experience fashion with a fresh lens, while hearing from some of the most innovative icons in the industry. FNL Network will provide you with beauty tips from real experts, explore fabulous cultural destinations, speak with designers on their inspiration behind the runway, follow the day-to-day lives of top models, display the journey of fashion on film and so much more.  

“FNL Network goes beyond fashion,” Rocco Leo Gaglioti, president and CEO of FNL Network said. “It frames the fashion industry as a relevant and exciting cultural world for a global audience, by showcasing film, reality, and lifestyle programming.”

FNL Network goes beyond fashion

The network is constantly recreating the meaning of fashion by incorporating avant-garde concepts into the industry. They provide their audience with an incomparable experience through FNL Network’s own reality TV series, competitions and comedy based shorts. From producing a series revolved around deaf comedic drag queens, titled “Deafies in Drag,” to inviting icons of fashion and established creators into “Carol Alt’s Living Room” to discuss their inspiring stories, FNL Network is successfully integrating a new culture within the fashion industry.

FNL Network is the only lifestyle network to provide inclusivity for the hearing impaired by introducing American Sign Language (ASL) in multiple series on their platform like, “Fashion News Live in ASL,” “Deafies in Drag” and “The Igor Djenge Skit Show.”

Another show on their network called “The Wishwall” — hosted by the founder of the Wishwall Foundation and labeled one of the top five fashion influencers in the world by MSNBC, Simonetta Lein — has given everyday people a chance to turn their wishes into a reality. “FNL Network has given me the opportunity to share ‘The Wishwall’ with the world,” Lein said. “And by doing so, my dream of changing the world one wish at a time has come true.” 

FNL Network is showing the world how important sharing your voice is. Inclusivity and imagination are only two ways to bring that voice to life. The channel is encouraging viewers to speak up and share their own opinions directly through their network. 

FNL Network is showing the world how important sharing your voice is

Diane Pernet, the founder of “A Shaded View of Fashion Film (ASVOFF)”, said that the series “‘Film Corner’ totally excites me. ASVOFF will be the first fashion film festival on-air, allowing a global audience to have a voice by registering their vote on FNL Network.” 

Carol Alt, renowned actor, host, fashion expert and supermodel, says “Rocco Leo Gaglioti, founder of FNL Network, has gone journalistically where others have tried to go but failed. Now his film archives are the sole film fashion libraries that are unbroken since 2000. He is expanding and growing in ways that I am sure even he could not have envisioned! He has thrived in this new social media environment when others have failed. He is the new style of an entrepreneur! A visionary for a new age.” 

Rocco Leo Gaglioti created the network through his own experiences in order to inspire the rest of the world and let people dip their toes into the ever-growing and exhilarating world of fashion. “FNL Network is a channel that has no limits or borders,” Gaglioti said. “We are a grassroots network that is the voice for the creators.”

FNL Network has no limits or borders

Multi Emmy award-winner RuPaul says, “It’s an honor to be on his show Fashion News Live” with “Rocco who I just adore, he’s fabulous and actually a friend of mine!”

Watch FNL Network on Roku or Amazon Fire TV for free to connect with thousands of creators world wide and gain exclusive access into the exciting worlds of fashion, travel, beauty, health, and reality TV.

To install FNL Network for free on your Roku or Amazon Fire Stick just look up FNL Network under your Roku and click install or go to your apps under Amazon Fire Stick and search for FNL Network in Apps then click install or just go to this link:


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