Announcing Page Magazine, the First Sustainable Fashion Magazine

Sustainable & Inclusive

The fashion industry is changing; what needs to be acknowledged is environmental protection and fashion are intrinsically interconnected. At the moment, human right abuses, gender inequality, and ecological degradation remain a constant threat in our society. Fashion brands are making considerable efforts to keep up with the demands of sustainability. When we look at this objectively, why are the big fashion houses re-writing their CSR initiatives to capture the attention of millennials, while still deploying content that undermines sustainability?

Do you know what sustainability is, and why it is so essential in the fashion community? Sustainable clothing is safer for people and the environment, by avoiding any materials that contain carcinogens, toxins, or other harmful chemicals. — clothing is made through sustainable practices that reduce water consumption and waste production.

As the fashion industry adopts sustainability practices, fashion magazines are now surrendering to the idea. Recently, Reverie, a small media company in New York announced Page Magazine, the first sustainable fashion magazine offering made-to-order prints. Page Magazine represents an enhanced global resource for sustainable brands while partnering with creative professionals to curate and create content that focuses on sustainability and inclusivity.

Page Magazine will be the first truly sustainable fashion magazine. Our print issues will be made to order. But most importantly, we want to provide insight into fashion that is palatable for any fashion enthusiast who wants a grounded outlook on fashion. We intend to humanize fashion while informing and enlightening our readers.” – Cassell Ferere, Editor-in-Chief.

Page Magazine will be the first truly sustainable fashion magazine

Founded here in NYC by Cassell Ferere, the magazine began as a passion project dedicated to the idea of filling the void of the miss-informed. The idea here is to focus on responsible fashion and conscious living catering to fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle. Page Magazine aims to inspire as much as informing through original content by answering questions about sustainability and a conscious lifestyle.

In an age where pop culture is just as crucial as world-culture, the dissemination of content is changing. Reverie: Page is a millennial magazine dedicated to the development and success of current and emerging designers. Eliminating the idea of trends while focusing on style and helping readers create their own fashion culture.

Joseph Benjamin Creative Director of Public Relations, said, “we focus on interviews about the internal dialogue of a person more than their external markers of success. We believe success is often the closing chapter of an individual’s professional story. We are interested in the beginning and the middle sections of someone’s story, this is often- where people struggle, learn, and grow.”

Page Magazine was created to inspire sustainable efforts within the fashion community. Integrity is essential, and Page understands that people don’t want to be told what to do or how to do it. ” Fashion is pop-culture; we are not here to control the perception of style, trends, or buying habits. Fashion and culture should start with an unbiased perspective.” Said Cassell Ferere.


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