We’re Expandin’

Jean Paul Gaultier channels Bowie
Jean Paul Gaultier channels Bowie
Yep, big changes are afoot here at FWO. (Here’s where we try to resist quoting — or even mentioning — Bowie’s Changes. Okay, we already blew it.)

Verily; after 4 years of running 4 different sites — New York Fashion Week Live, London Fashion Week Live, Paris … well, you get the idea — we’re moving all content right here to FWO for next season.

We’re moving all content right here to FWO for next season.

Which is something we really had in mind from the very beginning. We just needed to learn how to do it. And the fact that it took 4 years for us to figure it out … well, that shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

The bad news is, the process won’t happen immediately. So expect to see some things changing from day-to-day as we get stuff organized. (If it helps, you might want to imagine a team of imaginary gremlins working behind the scenes. That’s what we do when our car breaks down, because we need to blame someone other than ourselves for not getting the oil changed.)

The good news is, it’ll only be painful for us. Enjoy! We love you!


With love,


Image: Jean-Paul Gaultier channels Bowie. See, we made it kind of work in the context of fashion week. Also, we know this pic was inspired by Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, not Changes-era Bowie. Don’t be “that guy!”