Aleksandraviktor Introduces 3 New Handwoven Velvet Ikat Chapans

Aleksandraviktor Introduces 3 New Handwoven Velvet Ikat Chapans

ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR has introduced three new IKAT Chapans, in handwoven velvet. The new coats are available in three sophisticated colour combinations: Tangerine-Fuschia-Ink, Turquoise-Sea Foam-Ink and Crimson-Smoke-Black.

ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR’s weaves are made in Uzbekistan, where each hand-woven fabric is uniquely produced under Aleksandra’s creative direction by a team of local artisans before the limited edition garments are constructed in Germany.


IKAT is a traditional weaving technique used in different parts of the world, where the yarn is dyed in sections before being processed on the loom. This treatment and conversion of the threads creates stunning, irregular colourings that become unique geometric patterns. This very rudimentary technique is recognised and used in various cultures along the historical silk road. Each coat takes 90 hours to make.

Each coat takes 90 hours to make

The coats are timeless pieces that can be worn in a multitude of ways: casual or elegant – night or day. Aleksandra ́s great goal is to support local manufacturing groups all over the world and help them thrive again in the era of fast fashion. The brand values the provenance and origin of fashion.


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