7 Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Your Wardrobe Updated

7 Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Your Wardrobe Updated

Everybody likes to do something to make sure they’re not damaging the environment. The planet we live on is dying and it’s mostly because of us. Managing your wardrobe in a way to keep it updated and make sure you’re playing your part in saving the environment is a good alternative to take.

There are so many eco-friendly steps you can take to ensure that your wardrobe stays updated. Some of those steps are as enlisted as below.

1. Do Your Research

Search for brands that are training in moral assembling, implying that all marks of creation are safe, productive, and proficient while considering the prosperity of laborers. According to International laws, Work hours never exceed 48 hours, workers are paid a living wage and there’s no forced or child labor. Any company selling goods violating such laws should be banned, and it is advisable to do research and boycott such brands.

2. Read Your Labels

Numerous fabrics have huge natural impressions. Polyester; a synthetic fiber takes the most time to decompose; almost a decade. Whereas the naturally obtained and more sustainable Bamboo requires very little water and no chemicals at all to grow. This is why it is prudent to look for items that are biodegradable and can be easily recycled rather than buying something that takes decades to decompose and is not environmentally friendly at all. You should also look for sustainable fabrics made from natural sources, hemp plants, for instance. There are many hemp clothing benefits which include both cost and environmental factors. By acquiring such information and having knowledge about this, you can make a huge difference all by yourself.

3. Shop Local

Shopping locally will have a huge positive impact even though it may sound weird at first. Buying local goods has a lot of perks as well. Buying Locally manufactured goods has many advantages. When you shop locally, the money you spend stays within the community. I

4. Repair or Alter Where You Can

Repairing your dresses rather than throwing them out in case of a small mishap is a feasible choice. Taking proper care of your clothes can expand their life expectancy, and that incorporates alterations and repairs. Other than this there are many ways you can give a new life to your dress like giving it a few cuts and stitches and changing a coat into a dress.

5. Rent, Don’t Buy

Keeping clothes in your wardrobe is a responsibility. Many times you buy them, use them and outgrow them. This means that now, these clothes are of no use to you. Moreover, sometimes you want one dress in different colors. For such purposes, renting clothes is way better than buying them and keeping them. You can return them and rent the dress of your choice. This way your wardrobe stays updated and you’re not harming the environment in any way.

6. Dispose of Unwanted Items Properly

This is the best step to take when you’re also thinking about the environment besides your needs. Once some of your clothes become unwearable, you need to dispose of them properly. Just in Canada alone, an average person throws approximately 37 kg of textile material. The right way to dispose of it is to check your country’s textile companies and dispose of them there. They can be recycled and reused there. Moreover, a donation is always an option for getting rid of unwanted clothes.

7. Clothes Swap

A clothing swap is the best way to keep your wardrobe updated without spending a single dime and playing your part in making the world a better place. Instead of going around malls buying clothes or renting from companies you can start swapping your clothes and get new items without having to actually buy them. The more people involved the more beneficial it’ll be in terms of diversity and choice. Swap and enjoy many different designs and clothes from your friends or even a swapping event.

Ensuring that your actions do not harm your living place is your obligation as a human. Wearables are the best place to start. Adapting eco-friendly methods for your wardrobe is an amazing way to play your part in this. Small techniques such as swapping, renting, or altering clothes instead of buying, throwing, or wasting them are great and make a huge difference. The steps mentioned above will be of great help. It’s important that we understand that every aspect of our lives does affect the planet in one way or another. The great thing about the times we currently live in is that we have the gift of exposure and access to information. So it only makes sense that we use this information to ensure that we contribute as much as we can to make this planet a clean and healthy place for generations to come.



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