5 Tips To Meditate When You’re A Perfectionist

5 Tips To Meditate When You’re A Perfectionist

Perfectionism can result from the fear of making mistakes and linking your potential with your progress. It might result in long-term stress or anxiety when increased beyond the acceptable dimensions.

Also, a perfectionistic attitude affects your daily activities, ranging from the cleaning routine to the meditation sessions. If you’re prone to such issues, you might find it challenging to carry on your meditative practices. Along with this, you end up feeling demotivated and leave the meditation practices in between. With the proper guidance and approach, you can get out of the maze of perfectionism and achieve the spiritual benefits of this practice.

1. Practice Gratitude

One of the best ways to get out of the cycle of perfectionism is through practicing gratitude daily. It makes you appreciate the little progress you make instead of dwelling on the things that could be achieved. Also, you learn the art of grounding yourself and stop focusing on making the good a better one. Perfectionists often fail to be grateful about the present things and keep striving to make the present better. In this process, you are likely to compromise on the satisfaction and happiness of accomplishing the little things.

Once you start meditation, thank yourself for taking out the time to carry on this spiritual practice. Also, don’t forget to be grateful for the progress you made in your meditation in the present moment. With constant gratitude, you are likely to be more satisfied and motivated for future sessions.

2. Try Guided Meditations

If you’re a beginner in the meditation world, guided meditation can do wonders for you. It provides additional support to perfectionists and curbs the need to reach the blissful stages of meditation. Guided meditation involves a narrator or trainer who guides you throughout the process of meditation. Also, you get to understand that the constant trail of thoughts experienced during meditation is normal. You can meditate and relax your mind through proper guidance and support. Hence, it’s better to start your journey with a guide for the utmost rejuvenation.

You can try the collection of videos on the internet if you don’t wish to opt for a personal guide. Ensure to have a source of information around to let go of perfectionism and perform a practical meditation session. Before starting the meditation, you can consume herbal supplements like CBD by Weed Smart Online store. It helps in calming your mind and transforming your meditation into a delightful one.Also check out vape deals.

3. Accept Your Flaws

Another way to improve the quality, as well as the duration of your meditation, is by accepting your flaws. As a perfectionist, you tend to belittle yourself after every session and focus on what you couldn’t accomplish. Further, it deteriorates the whole purpose of doing meditation and evokes a sense of self-loathe in you. Try accepting the flaws and be grateful for the small accomplishments daily. That way, you can tackle the perfectionistic attitude and motivate yourself for future sessions.

At one point in time, you must let go of the need to criticize the perfectionistic nature. All these realizations emerge as you progress in your meditation sessions. Focus on your daily targets and refrain from finding flaws while meditating.

4. Be Compassionate

Compassion is the key to living a positive, grateful, and happy life. You must develop compassion for yourself as well as others to excel in your meditation practices. Also, break the constant cycle of judgments and love yourself for the way you are. With adequate cultivation of compassion, you can let go of the need to be perfect and accept things as they are. It frees you from the concept of right and wrong, thereby improving your meditation sessions right away. Make sure to cultivate compassion for yourself first before you move on to others around you.

Try not to be harsh on yourself and progress through the meditation stages at your own sweet pace. Not only will it induce a sense of appreciation, but it also allows you to tackle the mistakes efficiently. A compassionate mind is likely to progress faster than the criticizing and ungrateful one.

5.Make Intentional Mistakes

Are you trapped in the vicious cycle of making mistakes and criticizing yourself for them later? A perfectionist attitude can affect your meditation sessions and keep you from progressing. In such cases, you can let go of perfectionism by making deliberate mistakes. You can either enter into a daydream world or visualize the future instead of focusing on the present. When you make mistakes once or twice, you realize the insignificant nature of errors in your meditation routine.

No matter how many mistakes you make, you are likely to progress with each passing day. Such measures can keep the stress and pressure of performing the proper meditation off your chest.

Final Words

Meditation is a way to silence your mind and dive deeper into the inner being. On your journey towards spiritualism, the perfectionistic attitude may impose some hindrances. You might end up running after a perfect meditation and overlook the basic improvements. In such cases, you can try practicing gratitude and being grateful for daily progress. Also, be compassionate and forgive yourself for the mistakes you make while meditating. With guided meditation and acceptance, you are likely to progress in your meditative path. Don’t forget to challenge your perfectionism by making deliberate mistakes.


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