Studying Fashion – Top Design And Fashion Schools

Studying Fashion – Top Design And Fashion Schools

Indeed, fashion requires creativity and the ability to think outside the box. Still, it’s impossible to deny that this sphere is quite competitive, and you need solid background and skills to become famous.

Thus, it’s vital to select the best fashion school that will help you deepen your knowledge about this industry and gain the necessary experience.

There are a variety of suggestions for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fashion Design. Students can find colleges all over the world. But the most popular cities are London, New York and Paris as they are known for famous designers and fashion weeks.

Top Fashion Schools in London

The mysterious and alluring city of a Foggy Albion has lots of fashion design schools. However, the best ones are:

  • London College of Fashion
  • Royal College of Art
  • University of Westminster
London College of Fashion

This college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and also suggests short courses. Indeed, you will have a chance to deepen into the fashion industry. However, don’t think that you can escape written assignments as some students hope they won’t need to prepare papers studying fashion or design. Well, if you are not a fan of writing, just get professional paper assistance. Look for cheap essay writers and order various essays at student-friendly rates.

Royal College of Art

It’s the number one university in the world for art and design that offers Master’s, doctoral and graduate diplomas in arts and design. Students get a chance to gain placement at such famous fashion houses as Prada, Burberry, Givenchy.

University of Westminster

An outstanding institution that is located in the heart of London. It is famous for the variety of educational courses and offers undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses to its students.

Best Fashion Design Schools in New York

New York is one the most magnificent places with a frenzied rhythm and energetics. It attracts people from all over the world and offers the best studying courses in various industries. The most popular universities are:

  • Parson School of Design
  • FIT

Extremely famous for a very impressive alumni list. Its graduate list includes such popular people as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, etc. The tuition fee is comparatively high, but it’s worth it as the school provides students with bright career prospects.

The Fashion Institute of Technology

One of the best public institutions in New York famous for experiential learning, innovation, and popular alumni. For example, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors were among those who graduated from this institute. One of the best features is that FIT curates the most fashionable museum.

Outstanding Fashion Schools In Paris

Paris is a recognized home of fashion and design. There you can combine learning and pleasure – get acquainted with the most influential designers, explore fashion capital and even visit the Paris Fashion Week.

The most popular colleges are:

  • Institut français de la mode

This is an international fashion design institute that has 21 schools all around the world. It suggests programs for undergraduate and postgraduate level students. It was founded in 1841 and had a long history as well as famous alumni such as Nina Garcia and Daniel Hechter.

Institut français de la mode

A well-known institution that suggests postgraduate courses and applied research for fashion and design industries. Among its most famous graduates are Yves Saint Laurent, Bastien Baguzan and Karl Lagerfeld.

Top Fashion Schools in the World

Indeed, it’s possible to find decent colleges in other cities as well. There are lots of established schools around the globe. Here is just a list of the most popular ones:

  • Royal Academy of Fine arts, Belgium
  • Bunka Fashion College, Japan
  • Istituto Marangoni International, Italy
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, India
  • Jannette Klein Universidad, Mexico
  • LaSalle College, Canada

All in all, there are lots of fashion and design colleges all over the world. Surely, it’s quite challenging to pick the one as there are numerous attractive suggestions. Still, it’s not the most difficult thing students come across on the road to getting their degrees. Some of the young people mistakenly believe that picking this field will help them escape from writing tons of essays. But the hard truth is that they will also need to prepare many written assignments.

Don’t worry; there’s always an option for those who prefer to spend time on something more creative. All that you need to do is to google “write my essays for me” or “pay me to do your homework review”. You will find lots of websites that offer professional paper help. However, ensure that you select a trustworthy company with a high rating on trusted review sources. It’s fine if you come across low prices and diverse perks; such services compete with each other and suggest lucrative conditions to users. No more wasting time on boring papers! Fully devote yourself to fashion and design.


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