Ylang Ravel Jewelry

Ylang Ravel Jewelry

The Responsible Avant-Garde

Raw material as inspiration

The inspiration of Ylang Ravel, a young jewelry artist trained at Cartier, comes from the natural relief of the Earth: the sea floor, the bark, the rock. The search is not for perfection as most people define it (perfect circles, right angles, parallelism…), but for an osmosis of new forms. Like an ode to Nature, and its «perfection of imperfection». The style of the House plays with contradictions. The brutality of the material mixed with the delicacy of precious stones. Pieces that are neither feminine nor masculine. The respect of the artisanal jeweler’s know-how and the art of breaking the codes. Ylang Ravel jewelry has no gender, no era.

A signature material

Like an amulet or a talisman, each Ylang Ravel piece is made 100% by hand and 100% in France, between Paris and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, and is therefore unique. The 925 sterling silver is treated and textured to obtain this emblematic rendering, which highlights the stone that adornsit, to reveal all its nuances. These stones are central to Ylang’s creations, and he is particularly sensitive to them. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, each one of them harbors its share of mystery. Energy, protection, healing or creativity, the benefits of stones are countless and reinforce the relic aspect of Ylang Ravel jewelry.


A responsible approach

Each stone is sourced in Jaipur, India, through an internal process that places a prenium on quality, ethics and traceability. The 925 sterling silver is recycled, an innovative approach in the jewelry industry. The origins are multiple: champagne buckets, chandeliers, cutlery… A particularity giving depth and an additional history to Ylangs jewelry. These objects are melted at more than 1000 degrees and the silver is treated to remove all impurities, then the additional 15% of copper is added to obtain 925 sterling silver. In the age of instantaneousness , the House is above all in a «slow fashion» approach. Ylang Ravel pieces are made on demand, out of respect for the materials that nature offers us, and thus dress those who truly desire them.


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