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Interview with Zuzanna Bijoch at NEXT Artists Beauty Lounge at FTL Moda


Story with Carlos Martinez

Q: You’re from Poland.


Q: Which Fashion Week is this for you, what number?

This is actually number 9 or 10. Actually this is crazy. When I started, I was only like 15 years old. And everything was so new to me, and I didn’t know anything about designers and photographers. And here we are a couple of years later, and this is like my second family; all the people in fashion, they’re like my best friends, and it’s such a nice time to be here during Fashion Week.

This is like my second family.

Q: What’s it like to be in New York when it’s Fashion Week? For those of our viewers who aren’t here to really experience it, what can you say that it really like to be in New York during this time?

If I would use one word, I would say madness! It is absolutely madness: everybody is running around, everybody is late, everybody is calling each other, they don’t have service. It’s like madness.

But then, at the end of the day, you get to enjoy it and be with your friends, and party all together; and it’s like the most fashionable parties and art, and it’s fun. It’s colorful; it’s one kind of experience that I don’t think can be compared to anything else.

If I would use one word, I would say madness!

Q: You really can’t. So what shows are you walking in this season?

I will actually do New York and focus on the social, PR stuff; so attend a lot of events and then I’ll go to Paris for Paris Fashion Week.

Q: How exciting!

It is very exciting!

Q: So what’s it like to model here versus Poland? You were speaking earlier about wanting to support Polish designers.

It’s really important I think to remember where you came from, and support the country and the people that you grew up with.

So I’m always very happy to go back to Poland and work with Polish designers on different projects. Poland is still developing, it’s a very interesting place; it’s getting bigger and bigger, but it feels great to be able to introduce Polish designers and stylists to the world here.

I think it’s very inspiring to see the combination of the countries and how they can exchange ideas.

It’s really important I think to remember where you came from.

Q: Are you looking forward to any shows or presentations while you’re here?

Yeah, obviously there’s Alexander Wang; it’s always very exciting always to see what he’s going to come up with. Marc Jacobs, and I’m obsessed personally with Zimmermann. My closet is Zimmermann, always.

My closet is Zimmermann, always.!

Q: Thank you so much for taking your time out of your day.

Thank you so much. Absolutely, thanks a lot guys.

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