Ukrainian Fashion Takes New York City

Ukrainian Fashion Takes New York City

Ukraine Fashion returns to New York City, February 21st to the 25th, with six of the country’s most promising designers.

For its second season showcase in NYC, the collective led by Jen Sidary will present some of Ukraine’s modern designs that highlight international creativity. These recognizable Ukrainian designers are proving that Kyiv is a leading fashion capital and increasing their global recognition across the creative industry.

Ukrainian Fashion

Archetype Showroom, located within the coveted downtown neighborhood of NoHo at 676 Broadway, 2nd Floor, will serve as host to Ukrainian Fashion during its week-long stint. All six designer brands will be presented to interested buyers, stylists, and editors. At its core, Ukraine Fashion guides designers with their expansion to international markets for the world to see. This project aims to put a human face to Ukraine’s most prominent designers.

This season’s returning designers are 91 LAB and KACHOROVSKA. New to the scene are CHERESHNIVSKA, ELENA BURENINA, FROLOV and PASKAL. The brands will present their interpretation of women’s and unisex apparel, footwear, and handbags.

Ukraine Fashion NYC is led by Jen Sidary, a global fashion expert whose career has spanned three decades. Jen was the head of Zappos Couture at and went on to become the President of Sale for Vivienne Westwood America. This collaboration been made possible with the continued support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program. “The Ukraine fashion industry has immense potential to export in foreign marketplaces as the quality and craftsmanship is unprecedented.” Sidary said.

The project is designed to showcase remarkable diversity in the styles that Ukrainian fashion brands have to offer. The designers utilize the highest quality materials produced by the finest artisans, leading the industry in their craft. They all embrace the importance of sustainable fashion techniques and highlight Ukraine’s creativity while applying these values to their work.

91LAB is a Ukraine-based emerging womenswear knitwear brand founded in 2018 by RITO, a company with over 30 years of knitwear experience. Each collection includes unique jacquards, sophisticated knitwear designs, and hand-made pieces – all in carefully selected fine yarns. 91LAB embodies ultimate quality, feminine silhouettes, and grown-up sensuality. 91LAB aims to design a new kind of knitwear essentials and redefine modern classics and contemporary luxury.

CHERESHNIVSKA is a Ukraine based unisex brand founded in 2016. They focus on innovations, details and quantity. Each item is made to order by a single tailor. Most feature the unique hand drawn prints by an artist and its creative director Anastasiya Rozova. Every collection is driven by a strong core idea, yet still open for an interpretation. The main inspiration is its surroundings, and they try to reflect the modern world through its designs and prints. They believe that design combined with artistic value and a sustainable practice will always matter.

ELENA BURENINA is a designer for whom the concept of art and fashion are inseparable. ELENA BURENINA is a Ukrainian fashion brand that has been creating premium clothing for over 15 years. All her garments are of excellent quality with special attention to detail – luxury items. She has been known as a conceptualist designer since 2006.

FROLOV is a couture-to-wear brand that combines flawlessness and comfort, intelligence and provocation, social responsibility, and serenity. It originates at the heart of Kyiv, where it was founded Freedom and provocation were the brand’s drivers since its first collection. Through clothes, FROLOV explores and communicates messages the brand feels important to raise. It’s about transsexuals’ culture, BDSM ethics, aesthetics, fetishism, LGBTQ+ movement.

KACHOROVSKA combine more than a half-century of experience in handmade shoemaking and modern technologies, Kachrovska´s Atelier executed hundreds of various individual orders. Thus, we mastered the art of the perfect fitting shoe, crafted our skills and style, experimented with forms, lines, and materials. Invaluable experience, professionalism of our masters, and the best materials – at your service

PASKAL is a Ukrainian high fashion and ready-to-wear brand that was founded by architecture graduate, designer Julie Paskal in 2013. Architecture education gave Julie a notion of work with shapes, lines, and structure, which singled out her collections and finally created a strong DNA, with distinctive features, such as laser-cut technique, and precision tailoring. The brand is known for its minimalist, exacting aesthetic which owes much to the rigors and precision of innovative architecture and modern cultural processes.

USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (USAID CEP) supports business startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to become more competitive in domestic and international markets, fosters a simplified and more transparent business enabling environment, as well as enables Ukrainian companies to benefit from free trade.


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