Timeless Wedding Hair & Make-Up Trends You’ll Love

Choosing your wedding hairstyle and make-up can be challenging, and it is often a customized, individual experience.

In this article, we’re here to help you find the inspiration for your wedding hair and make-up to complete your stunning look. Speaking of timeless trends, we’ll be covering hairstyles and make-up tips you can adapt to current trends or customize them to your taste and wedding theme!

Wedding Hair

Let’s begin with the hair. You can do countless things to your hair, including haircuts, colouring, and styling. However, most experts suggest waiting until after your wedding day to make drastic changes. A month before the wedding is a good time to get a haircut. If you are not 100% satisfied with the cut, this is a good way to let it settle and grow a tiny bit.

As for hair colouring, experts recommend finalizing colour goals at least six weeks before the wedding. As well as allowing you to try on your dress with that hair colour, it will also help you to make sure it’s what you want.

In terms of styling, things get a little more complex. You have a vast variety of hairstyle options to choose from on your wedding day. Choosing your wedding hairstyle is mostly about blending it with your dress, your sense of style, and how comfortable it will be for you.

Wedding Chignon

Suitable for most facial structures, this classic and simple hairstyle looks fabulous on any bride. In addition to being romantic, the chignon is simple and elegant. And it never gets old! When you look at your wedding photos in the future, you’ll never regret having a chignon.

High Ballet Bun

High buns are great hairstyles for brides with dresses with high necklines because they keep hair away from the face. Tiaras, combs, and even barrettes can be worn with this to create a beautiful, sleek finish.

Half Up, Half Down

There are countless half up, half down hair models you can find. With gorgeously long hair and face-framing tendrils, this model offers the best of both worlds. You can use it with half ponytails or braids, straight or with curls!


You can use braids in a variety of stylish ways on your wedding day. Besides being fun to wear, they’re also easy to accessorize. Adding seashells, nautical-themed combs, tiaras, slides, clips, and more to wedding hairstyles with braids can create a beautiful look.

Wedding Make-Up

As with many facets of planning, choosing a wedding makeup look can be a great way to showcase your unique style. Do you prefer to play it safe when it comes to choosing the perfect bridal makeup look? Or do you want to make a statement and take it a step further and go for something a bit bolder? It is important to make the right decision after considering all of the options.

Go Bold, Make Statement

Why not go for the wow-factor on your wedding day? You can express your personality in so many ways. If you keep the rest of your makeup paired back, a statement red lip might really show off your pout. You can also use as many colours as you can as colourful make-up trends are on the rise. Adding a few flecks of glitter brightens up and enhances the eyes. You can try graphic liners for your eye shape and have a stunning look.

No Make-Up Make-Up

It’s all about nailing perfect-looking skin when it comes to no make-up make-up. Cream products are key to this look, and they are definitely better suited to less oily skin types. A fresh-faced complexion, fluttery lashes, and sculpted brows make the dream combination. You can subtly enhance your features by sticking to the same colour palette across your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

You can finish by applying a highlighter to the brow bone, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow of your face. There will be no doubt in your guest’s mind that you descended from heaven if you apply a highlight so glowing. Your glow will stand out if you keep the rest of your glam neutral.

Elegant & Classy

As a bride, if you choose to be the main character in your own fairytale, you’ll love more elegant looks. Eyeliners are the best friends of a classy bride. The eyeliner flick is a simple yet effective makeup technique. To give your flick a softer finish, swap out the liquid liner with a charcoal shadow. By adding shimmer to your eye corners, you can make them appear wider and brighter. What’s chicer than a soft, smokey cut-crease? Pair it with a glossy lip, and you’re good to go.

We hope that you’ve had the inspiration you need from these trends! You can try on different looks before your wedding and decide on a final option. We have no doubt that whatever you choose will perfectly suit you. Have fun!


With love,


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