The Student Study To Kill a Mockingbird Describes the Impact on the Fashion World and Current Trends

The Student Study To Kill a Mockingbird Describes the Impact on the Fashion World and Current Trends

The mockingbird can naturally imitate other bird’s songs within a few minutes and you can easily confuse it with the other bird. The truth is, the mockingbird will remain what it is no matter the situation.

To Kill a Mockingbird describes Scout’s unwillingness to change her dressing code from a boy’s clothing to a woman’s clothing.

Scout believes she should be let alone be who she is, but society is too judgmental. A student studying this book can learn a lot about people’s personalities in terms of clothing, body language, and what others say about them.

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Clothing and the definition of gender

If you are looking for the best classic books for a gift, To Kill a Mockingbird should be at the top of your list. Published in 1960, this book is still relevant today and plays a significant role in describing the current society and their gender stereotypes that affect the very roots of gender equality, just the same it affected the 1960s generation.

One character in the center of interest is Scouts, who grew up loving boy’s clothing and abhorred dresses and skirts. Society in her time defined women’s clothing as long dresses and skirts with blouses and any woman dressed otherwise was a violator of the deep-rooted customs.

Scouts was unrelenting in her stubbornness and she continually went against these norms by wearing boy’s clothes. According to society, Scout was literary a boy and not a girl. To help her become a lady, Finches invites Scout’s aunt to come and live with them but Alendra’s efforts seem to bear no fruit.

This stereotype is applicable today because society’s description of gender is not in terms of who the person is but in terms of clothing and house roles. Scout’s dressing has significantly impacted today’s women’s dressing because they are not limited to skirts, blouses, and dresses but there are women’s trousers, shorts, and jackets.

The career person should be in a full suit

Just like the society in the 1950s and 1960s, many people describe the career person as the formerly dressed person in a full suit in case of men and official skirt suit or dress for the women. If a worker showed up at the workplace in casual clothing, it is immediately interpreted that they are not ready to work that day.

The bitter reality is that dressing style has nothing to do with an individual’s productivity, but the biggest problem is society’s expectation in terms of dressing. According to society, there is also a way a person in official duty should tone their voice, unlike a worker in the blue color field. In today’s fashion world, there is official and casual fashion.

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus is testifying before the jury, and showing the seriousness of his point, he loosens his tie, takes off his coat, and unbuttons his shirt and vest. This action astonishes the jury and everyone else present.

Scout, who is already living her life of free dress choice, is astonished too and describes Atticus as undressed and stark naked. The mere act of unbuttoning is described as unfamiliar and strange. Scouts also say Atticus’ voice was familiar, meaning the dad he was used to and he spoke to the jury like his neighbors or friends on a street corner. Atticus wanted the jury to see him as he is and to hear him as who he is beyond the official dressing and the official voice.

Every literature book for students has several themes a student can identify and write about. When writing about the main themes in a book, students need to read reviews written about the book and compare their thoughts with the reviewer’s thoughts. It will also be important to read the To Kill a Mockingbird essay examples for free on Samplius to get a further understanding of how book reviews are done. Reading books and essay examples helps students improve their grammar skills.

To Kill a Mockingbird directed by Robert Mulligan (1962)

The tough personalities versus the soft personalities – a person’s living status

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, boys from low-class families in Maycomb were dressed in aprons. The boys were known to be tough and never feared facing life’s challenges. Scout’s choice to wear aprons reveals that she identified with kids from low life status. Her father was a practicing lawyer, which means her family was better off than many families in Maycomb, yet she chose to wear aprons.

Scout and her sister were brought up by their father and their aunt had no moral or family authority to tell them to become women. Scout is described as tough and her dressing code testify about this personality.


Society defines people according to gender, social status, and clothing but not according to abilities. To Kill a Mockingbird is an excellent example of how an individual’s dress code and voice can be used to describe them. The gender stereotypes that existed 80 years ago are still alive today and women are defined by their dressing and chores instead of who they are. There are many other lessons a student can learn by studying this book.

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