The Best Underrated Fashion Weeks

The Best Underrated Fashion Weeks

Outside of the big four, Paris, Milan, London, and New York, numerous annual fashion weeks held across the globe put some of the best fashion and designs around, on display. Whether it be in Japan or Dubai, there is world-class fashion everywhere.

Whether you hit up a private jet charter to get to all the shows, or you have a favorite, here are the best lesser-known fashion weeks you need to go to.

Tokyo Fashion Week

Japan is famous for its eclectic fashion choices, and Tokyo Fashion Week is the place to see some of the best eccentric and modern fashion choices and designs Asia has to offer. Combined with Shanghai Fashion Week, you have the two best shows the far East has to offer.

High fashion isn’t just the name of the game in Tokyo either; street style takes center stage at numerous shows throughout the week.

Shanghai Fashion Week

China has emerged as a fashion focal point over the past few years. Young fashion aficionados combine styles and eras effortlessly, mixing high fashion with grunge 70s with modern fashion.

Chinese street style is also at the same level as you find in Japan, with people being influenced by urban American style.

Venice Fashion Week

While not at the same level as its close neighbor Milan Fashion Week, Venice Fashion Week still offers attendees a look into some of the best Italian and European fashions on offer. The big plus about Venice Fashion Week is the fact that all the huge designers that don’t feature in Milan often head to Venice instead.

Miami Fashion Week

Taking place during the Spring, Miami Fashion Week has become one of the biggest and most popular outside of New York and Los Angeles. As the longest-running event in the area, Miami Fashion Week prides itself on extending beyond its resort-wear specialty.

The show has played host to many world-famous designers over the years, including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Vero Diaz, Herminas Reea, and RR by Rene.

Australian Fashion Week

Australian Fashion Week is the biggest event of its kind Down Under, and is more than just a week dedicated to the latest fashion trends. Hair and makeup demonstrations are also on display throughout the week.

Australian Fashion Week has played host to numerous big names in fashion and pop culture, including Jade Jagger, Macy Gray, and Dita Von Teese. Prominent Australian designers that have featured at the event include Betty Train, Jamie Ashkar, The Letter Q, and Camilla and Marc.

Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai is famous for its riches, with Dubai Fashion Week being no different. Whilst not as big as you may think, it is still a growing event and has been the birthplace of some of the biggest labels in the United Arab Emirates.

This is one fashion week that is only going to get bigger as Western fashion continues to flourish and become popular in the Middle East.

Berlin Fashion Week

Widely considered as one of the most underrated fashion shows in the world, Berlin Fashion week has not only seen dozens of the biggest designers in the world walk through its doors, but music giants like Lady Gaga and Alphaville have played shows at the event.

StyleNite is an event that is held at every Berlin Fashion Week and has become world-famous for its somewhat unusual list of events and artists covering numerous creative disciplines.

India Fashion Week

Indian Fashion Week is a bi-annual event that first started in 2000 and has been sponsored by Amazon India since 2014. The 2000 edition of the show featured 33 designers and has been growing ever since. The sub-continent also has its own fashion week.

With Western ideas and culture becoming more common in India, its high-fashion sector has grown exponentially over the years. It has become a market that many labels are looking to expand into.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week

South America also has its own fashion weeks, with Brazil having the most popular one. Sao Paulo Fashion Week first started in 1995 and is the premier event on the continent. It is also widely regarded as one of the biggest outside of the Big Four.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week also prides itself on being diverse. A quota was introduced in 2009 that says at least 10% of all models need to be black or indigenous, a step that many have said other fashion weeks should follow.

These are some of the biggest fashion weeks you can attend outside of the biggest four. Many of these, Tokyo, Berlin, and Sao Paulo in particular, are all quickly reaching a level that will put them on par with Milan, Paris, New York, and London.


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