Sabirah Collection 1.7 London Fashion Week

As a brand that does not believe in any wars we are praying for the people of Palestine and all the other men, women and children around the world affected by war.
SABIRAH is a conscious, demi-couture, modest-wear brand founded by Stylist and Creative Director, Deborah Latouche that believes in the elevation of all womxn regardless of size, race or religion.

SABIRAH Collection 1.7 draws inspiration from a ground-breaking leading lady and 1980’s iconography. For this season the muse is as current as she is classic; enter Dominique Devereux of the hit 1980’s TV show Dynasty. Devereux is a poignant figure to Latouche – a powerful, glamorous, independent businesswoman.

Latouche initially looked at the work of Diahann Carroll, who played Dominique and paved the way for marginalised women in show business. Carroll was the first ever person of colour to appear on Dynasty.


I remember watching Dynasty as a child and seeing this powerful, eloquent and beautiful woman, a black woman in an influential position – that was very important to see growing up. I can now see the impact she had on the women within my family. She influenced my mother’s style of dress in the 80’s; with big shoulder pads and quaffed asymmetric hair. Dominique’s style was immaculate, magnificent and coordinated. She always wore great jewellery, and of course a matching hat and clutch. Her looks really resonate with SABIRAH,” says Latouche.

The colour palette for this season is refined; peaches and creams are juxtaposed with hues of tobacco, silver and gold. Antique jewels add accents to the impeccably cut silhouettes, amplifying Devereux-esque strength through power dressing. Powdery pink-feathered hats and delicate lace eyepieces by Piers Atkinson complete the vintage glamour, ensuring the models elude extravagance and panache.

As always expected with SABIRAH, exquisite tailoring takes centre stage, a notable piece is the sharp, voluminous Fan Coat, which uses 15 metres of netting to help keep the structure. Staying true to the brands considered design mantra, the collection uses luxury end-of-life fabrics sourced in Italy. The pieces are then tailored and made in London giving an exclusive service to each client.

Stunning wool and silk crepe peppered with metallic thread and opulent double silk satin are the fabrics for the season. “I thoroughly enjoy sourcing fabrics, I could spend days at mills touching materials and imagining what to design. The fact that these fabrics are then transformed into beautiful limited edition pieces makes them even more special” says Latouche.

Creative Director: Deborah Latouche
Lead Stylist: Kim Howells
Lead Hair Stylist: Nick Irwin and the Schwarzkopf Pro Team
Lead Make-Up Artist: Neusa Neves using Emolyne
Lead Set Designer: Lee Flude
Lead Nail Artist: Giulia Oldani using Emolyne
Casting Director: Simon Lewis at Cast and Elect
Jewellery: Sourced by Era of Mystique
Millenary: Piers Atkinson
Shoes: Emmy London
Scent: The perfumer’s story by Azzi
UK PR: KMR Consultancy
International PR: Cassel Consultancy
Flowers: Emma Rose Floristry
Lighting: Senan Flude
Music: Aaliyah Booker
Movement Director: Gareth Mole
BTS photographer: Asia Werbel
Videographer: Saddiq Abubakar
Logistics Coordinator: Mumin Athill

Thank to you too Allah the Most Merciful the Most High

A special thank you to my wonderful family and friends who are an endless support system, Mum, Dad, Mumin and the boys, Nick Irwin and the Schwarzkopf pro team, Kim Howells getting me and inspiring me to think big! Kenya Hunt and Room Mentoring, The Black Business Residency and Somerset House. And of course all the wonderful assistants who help make life beautiful.


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