Paris City Fashion Week, Oct. 2, 2021

Paris City Fashion Week, October 2021

Paris City Fashion Week 2021 concluded on 2nd October at the fabulous American Cathedral in Paris. After the stunning show at the Eiffel Tower, Paris in 2019, and at the American Centre, Paris in early March 2020, the shows scheduled by the company for late 2020 were put off due to the Covid-19 situation.

“I used the time productively, scoping the best venues, determined to produce a show to cheer-up the dampened spirits”, says Ishika Chaudhary (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) of Runway Fashion Tour, the producer of Paris City Fashion Weeks and Milan City Fashion Weeks.

Paris City Fashion Week

The show was divided into two segments. The 2 PM show was opened by the fabulous Tiffany Brown, featuring international talented designers like Ashleigh Renee, Bea Rodriguez, Caroline Couture, Chantwa, Megmanski, Mimiela, Marshall Celestine, Theresa Marie, Tracy Toulouse, Troy Anthony and Yagmur Ozer. The segment was closed by a finale by the internationally recognized “Leather King” Michael Lombard. As usual his radical designs filled the hearts of the crowd with fascination and glee.

The 6 PM premium show was opened by the world famous celebrity designer Michael Cinco. People had lined up around the block hours before the start of the show to get a close glimpse at his marvellous creations. Michael Cinco was followed by another young visionary and extremely talented, Italy based Pilipino designer, the chirpy and high-spirited genius Chona Bacaoco, carrying the MM Milano brand to the heights of international recognition and appreciation. The show was brought to a spectacular close by the Turkey based, Azerbaijani Designer Rufat Ismayil. Rufat’s brand “AFFFAIR” is a culmination of modern styles, tradition and culture of the Azerbaijani people. He used traditional carpet patterns, preserved in his culture through centuries to make exuberant dresses with intricate and extremely fine handiwork.

Paris City Fashion Week Team:

Producer: Ishika Chaudhary
Manager (Legal): Adv. Raman D Devgan
Manager (Facilitation & Logistics): Christian Aroule
Manager (Backstage): Celine Dubois
Astt. Manager (Backstage): Cyril Aroule
Astt. Manager (Backstage): Melanie Sordon
Astt. Manager (Backstage): Dimitri Vincent Petit
Photographers: Artur Rocha, Mariana Cattoir, Kartik Soni
Make-up: Make Up Art Academy Paris
Light & Sound: Wassim Mouhamad
DJ: Maxime Loiseau


Turkey based, Azerbaijani Designer Rufat Ismayil presented his “Sumakh” collection at Paris City fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on 2nd October 2021 at the American Cathedral in Paris. Rufat’s brand “AFFFAIR” is a culmination of modern styles, tradition and culture of the Azerbaijani people. He used traditional carpet patterns, preserved in his culture through centuries to make exuberant dresses with intricate and extremely fine handiwork.

All 21 dresses of the presented “Sumakh by AFFFAIR” Haute Couture collection are pieces of art based on the most famous Azerbaijani carpets – Chelabi, Khanlig, Achma-yumma, Nalbeki-gul patterns. Rufat Ismayil was twice awarded as the Best Designer of the Year in 2019. More than 80% of his unique fabrics are handicrafts decorated with semi-precious stones, muline threads, ancient techniques of rococo, “kurchuk” and “sarma” techniques. As per the designer, this collection is an ode to the ancient Azerbaijani carpets, the brave Azerbaijani people and to the long awaited Karabakh Victory.

Ashleigh Renee

Ashleigh Renee® showed her “Shine Sp/Su 22” collection at Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on 2 October 2021 at the American Cathedral in Paris. This collection brings in bright colors, reflective fabrics and sleek and sophisticated silhouettes. Looking to bring light, fun and happiness to the world during a pandemic Ashleigh Renee created a line that exudes enlightenment. Using Blushes, Beiges, Pinks, Rose Gold and light grey Ashleigh Renee® sought to brighten the runway.

Ashleigh Renee® is an exclusive high-end international fashion brand that specializes in designing custom pieces and limited luxury apparel for women who has been designing for over 15 years. After receiving her Bachelors degree in Fashion Design from Marymount University, she went on to start Ashleigh Renee® (previously named A. Renee Fashion) in the fall of 2013. To view her current and past work, visit her website at

BEA Rodriguez

Bea Rodriguez Suarez unveiled her latest collection at Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) at the American Cathedral in Paris, on 2nd of October 2021. Bea Rodriguez has more than 20 years of experience working as a freelance designer for many brands and made-to-measure garments for many clients. She Graduated from the Academy of Art University San Francisco, California.

Bea Rodriguez @bea_rodriguez_suarez has been honored to work with top model Joan Smalls and designer Oscar de la Renta and on this day she shared the stage with the likes of Michael Cinco, Michael Lombard, Rufat Ismayil, Ashleigh Rene, Mimela and more. She runs her business “Atelier Bea Rodriguez” from Puerto Rico to the world!


Caroline Velazquez, a very gifted and talented 17-year-old designer from Puerto Rico set the catwalk ablaze with her finest collection at Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on this 2nd day of October 2021 at the American Cathedral in Paris. It is said that she started designing at the age of 3! The road to success has forever been very clear to her. She started her brand “Caroline Couture” in 2019 and presented her first successful collection at the Fashion Week New York in February, titled The Royal Crystals collection. It is clear that she is going places and we here at PCFW wish her all the fame and success coming her way.


Keneisha Creary a Jamaican fashion designer and founder of CHantwa’, an international fashion brand that produces ready-to-wear and swimwear clothes showcased her latest creations at the Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) at the American Cathedral in Paris on 2nd October 2021. She also designed costumes for Miami Carnival 2016-2021. As a friend of Trudy Young, former Miss Trinidad and Tobago and many other celebrities, CHantwa’ was created in the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2016.

Keneisha attended UCLA and graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Sociology and earned her Associate degree in Fashion and Design at Los Angeles Trade Technical College in 2015-2016. Keneisha coordinated her first fashion show in Jamaica in spring/summer 2016 and thereafter she opened her online boutique. You will be able to get more of CHantwa’ at the FLL Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week spring/summer 2022.


MEGMANSKI is a USA, Illinois based, Filipina designer, known for her many unique and even versatile designs, along with many variations of color within each line of gowns, inspired by her Philippine culture. She not only does beautiful gowns, she also makes suits for all genders., showcased by her during Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on October 2, 2021 at the stunning American Cathedral in Paris.

One of her many gifts is that she is able to measure someone’s size by just a glance of a person. MEGMANSKI is all about the inclusion of all people. She aspires in the future to establish a non-profit in honor of her late son “Robby” focusing on suicide prevention, as well as, mental health.

This is one of many collections by MEGMANSKI that features many colors and styles to suit all interests regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, and or size. “If I were to describe this collection I would describe it as unique, beautiful, and absolutely chic and glamorous!” –Megmanski


Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco is best known for his fabulous couture gowns. His innate creativity and masterful techniques have catapulted him to the front ranks of fashion. He has cultivated a dedicated following for the luxe and intricacy of his designs, with their fresh, elegant and detailed juxtapositions of fabric and Swarovski crystals. He showcased his latest designs at the Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on 2nd October 2021, at the breath-taking American Cathedral in Paris.

Celebrities who wore Michael Cinco include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Aishwarya Rai, Nick Jonas, James McAvoy, Jason Derulo, Steve Aoki, Carrie Underwood, Sofia Vergara, Mila Kunis, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding, Allison Janney, Paloma Faith, Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie Ferguson, Dita Von Teese, Brandy, Ashanti, Chris Brown, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell.


Three time fashion designer of the year Michael Lombard showcased his Intergalactic Psychedelic Collection 2022 at the Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on 2nd October 2021 at the amazing American Cathedral in Paris as the grand finale. Lombard’s Intergalactic Psychedelic Collection brings a fresh and uplifting joy during these unprecedented times. His colour palette is vivacious and his use of dramatic silhouettes is innovative. Lombard’s designs are modern, edgy, and larger-than-life, just like the designer himself. The collection itself, which draws inspiration from otherworldly silhouettes and mystical colour schemes, has travelled from one continent to continent. The Lombard style is instantly recognisable as it transcends across borders.

A highlight from this immaculate showing by Lombard was the bright green leather look. Although his looks are powerful and bold, he uses his styling to bring an element of playfulness to the collection. Prior WWE star turned fashion model, Danielle Moinet, was a show stopping moment. Her beautiful complexion and hair was the perfect pairing for Lombard’s head-to-toe golden leather outfit. The jacket alone is a statement in itself, however, paired with the matching shorts and knee high boots, Michael Lombard is announcing himself as a designer that’s not to be messed with.


Mimiela brand is at its core a women’s wear brand that produces unique pieces that women can connect with, feel confident in, and accentuate their natural beauty. Ruby Denis, as the Creative Director and principal designer brings inspiration from nature themes as well as from her colourful Mexican heritage. When Ruby moved to Canada, the splendor of Canada’s nature-scape inspired her to reconnect with her fashion design vocation.

The spring/summer 2022 collection presented at Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) is entitled “Ēostre”, after the West Germanic spring goddess, representing in some ways, renewal, spring and growth. Our collection of gowns focuses on vibrant and colourful fabrics, floral embroidery, asymmetrical lines, and a sensual fantasy theme. Because we are all goddesses!


MM Milano’s Philippine Founder and Chief Designer Chona Bacaoco, who grew up in the four corners of her mom’s humble tailoring shop in the island of Guimaras, only started her brand a few years ago, had always dreamed about presenting her unique designs and messages behind her dresses next to the generous and charismatic Philippine Celebrity Designer Michael Cinco from Dubai, with whom she shared the runway at Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on October 2nd 2021 at the mesmerizing American Cathedral in Paris.

MM Milano’s new collection, called PLUTO line, is the first-of-its-kind project between the Brand and its own Talent Agency where Chief Designer Chona Bacaoco and MM Milano Talent Pluto Ernsberger worked together on creating sustainable futuristic fashion made from natural and innovative fibers. The brand’s solid talents, full of energy and positivity, like Schirin Thoma from Switzerland, proudly presented the duo’s new designs.

NGU Clothing

Motivational brand NGU (Never Give Up Clothing) showcased their latest collection on the coveted Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on October 2nd, 2021 at the American Cathedral in Paris. Designer Marshall Celestin is a fashion pioneer in his own right and a true inspiration for other St. Lucian fashion designers, putting St. Lucia on the map while launching NGU Clothing’s 100% Ghetto Product. The collection features premiere street wear infused with St. Lucian Madras fabric.

“The Ghetto Product Collection was inspired by my upbringing, we were raised in poverty. I grew up in the ghetto and as is widely known there is this stigma about people in the ghetto, however the ghetto is full of talent and inspiration and this is what this clothing line seeks to portray. I am also dedicating this collection to my brother Malcolm Celestin who was gunned down. May his soul RIP.”

“I am very proud. I feel very accomplished from where we started to being recognized on international stages like New York and Paris Fashion week with all the international designers, is truly life changing”.


Designer Tiffany Brown presented her stunning Lavender Collection at this year’s Paris City Fashion week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) at the American Cathedral at Paris on 2nd of October 2021. Lavender symbolizes purity, devotion, and love. Lavender is known for spiritual healing, tranquillity, easing of tension, and purification. “We have all experienced the trials of COVID-19. This collection of mine signifies healing and that luxury is back”, says Tiffany.


Designer Theresa Marie, showcased her “Royale” collection, full of bold metallic colors and prints in this year’s Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) at the American Cathedral in Paris. The show concluded on October 2, 2021. “I have so many favorite pieces I have designed. One color is a staple in my collection and that is GOLD! This color looks so great on all skin tones and is the color of royalty”, says Theresa. The Royale Collection by her brand TMC was designed for all body types in mind so that every woman feels like Royalty, she added.

Tracy Toulouse

Tracy Toulouse is an Anishnaabe (Ojibway tribe) and proud member of Sagamok Anishnaabek on the north shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. Tracy is a clothing and traditional craft artist, incorporating Woodland storytelling motifs with modern design. Tracy infuses applique, bead, antler bone, fur, leather, birchbark and ribbon work. Tracy’s designs reinforce the Indigenous spirit and its connection to the land, showcasing this spirit in a wearable voice to be heard and felt by all. Each design carries the tradition and spirit of the Woodland people which was on full display this 2nd day of October 2021 at the Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) at the American Cathedral in Paris. Her favourite quote, “The impact and legacy of our clothing is to identify us as a nation”.


Established in 2008, Troy Anthony produces wearable couture/ready-to-wear clothing for men and women who enjoy high fashion with a heightened level of sophistication, elegance and flair. A two-time guest designer at New York Fashion Week, Anthony has been designing for over 15 years, showcasing his creations at more than 100 fashion shows from NYC, Miami to Las Vegas. His unveiled his latest collection, dubbed “Angelic” at the Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on October 2, 2021 at the mesmerizing American Cathedral in the heart of Paris, France. Angelic Collection represents Angels, Guardian angels, being beautiful, pure and filled with Grace!

Based in Hartford, Conn., he earned his bachelors in Fashion Design and Marketing from International Academy of Design, including studies Internationally in Milan, Italy. Troy Anthony considers himself as the Master of Draping, He understand a women’s body and how fabric falls on the body. From bias cuts to pleating and gathering, He has the ability to sculpt fabric on the body like no other. He showcased this draping art form in his Angelic Moda collection and has been noted as a fashion sculptor. To learn more and shop this collection visit:


Yağmur Yasemin özer asserts the uniqueness of her designs. “What I’m doing is making every woman feel strong and independent”, says Yasemin. She aims for a different, more wild and more liberal design in her work. About her most recent show, Paris City Fashion Week (@pariscityfashionweekofficial) on 2nd of October 2021, she says that the American Cathedral has always excited her. She used to dream when she was younger to get married in a Cathedral in France and doing a show at the American Cathedral was really exciting and definitely thrilling for her.

She says that Inanc Karaduman, who is her partner, has been her favourite person to work with and they understand each other deeply. With roots in Abkhazia, a country in the northeast black sea; Caucasia, her elders moved into Turkey decades ago. She is a Turkish citizen and a very talented designer, destined to make big in the fashion industry.


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