NYFW Glam Dogs in Haute Couture Take Over Fashion Week in Anthony Rubio Show

The inspiration of my presentation is “Everything is coming up roses. We are living in dark times with wars breaking out, political feuds happening left and right, crime up, climate change causing devastation and we need an infusion of positivity.

Our four-legged family members being love and joy, so I decided to have them bring about the message that it is time to stop and smell the roses. I designed pet couture utilizing hand made or embroidered roses in colors of roses perfect primarily to bring joy, after all, the Anthony Rubio Designs NYFW shows are known as the feel good shows. I had dogs mostly rescued and adopted from as far as Quebec, Los Angeles and San Antonio Tx to represent my brand on the runway.

My creations for the humans were done utilizing the colors of red, black and gold purposely done to allow the Canine Couture to pop. There were lace dresses featuring rose embroidery, some with rose chiffon rose petals and lots of sequins to bring on the glitter and glam.

Anthony Rubio

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I also introduced the first doggy Birmingham Bag I call the Anthony Rubio Barkin Bag hat worn by my Chihuahua Kimba and with the inspiration taken from a famous photo of Linda Evangelista wearing a hand bag on her head, I introduced my Barking Bag as a hat worn with matching retro trapeze coat on my dog named Kimba. I can now report I have orders piling up on that bag design.

I would like to wrap it up by sharing that one third of all proceeds go to animal rescue and advocacy of pet adoption as well as pet population control.

Always Leave Them Wanting More

It’s no secret that you save the best of your designs for last in your runway show.

The idea is that, theoretically, that last finale piece is intended to be the most memorable of the show. I have my own strategies but my favorite is to leave them not just impressed but wanting more.

I present to you the Grand Finale of my New York Fashion Week presentation for 2024. I was inspired by the song Everything’s Coming Up Roses, and here we have Jazzy, on her debut to any New York Fashion Week Show modeling an architectural organza dome skirt design executed using embroidery of roses all in red sprinkled with large red paillettes and capped sleeves.

Nina, our human models the matching custom fitted rose embroidered top with large paillettes in red over a stretch vinyl delicately draped floor length skirt featuring a thigh exposing side slit.

“In My World, The Humans Are The Accessories”

Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican ancestry, Anthony Rubio grew up immersed in his Latin culture loving everything from music and cuisine to the elaborate fashions which inspired his colorful palate and evolution as one of the hottest sought after designers to date. Growing up in the most rebellious and yet most expressive periods in the history of fashion helped both influence and mold him into the visionary he is today.

With a formal education in women’s wear design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and twenty years of experience creating and innovating new concepts and techniques, Anthony Rubio had no reservations about delving into the world of pet fashions earning for himself the title of Master Pet Couturier.

Anthony Rubio’s Canine Couture is meticulously handcrafted by the designer utilizing the finest materials to produce a one-of-a-kind creation for your four-legged family member taking into full consideration comfort and safety above all.


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