Maryling Fall Winter 19 Collection Milan Fashion Week

Maryling Fall Winter 19 Collection

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The MARYLING Fall/Winter 2019 collection is inspired by a journey into the heart of the city: walking along its streets, being surprised by the street art, with the skyline dominating overhead in a suspended dimension between past and future, old and new, creating an authentic patchwork of urban sensations and emotions.

This urban collection becomes the manifesto of an intense artistic vision full of unique and vivid nuances with a throbbing underground mood that goes from murales to masterpieces preserved in museums and revolves around color to become an expression of couture.

Maryling Fall Winter 19 Collection

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Photos: Imaxtree

Metropolis Winter Rainbow: style elements and colors reinterpret the dystopian and at times chaotic future of Fritz Lang’s famous film ‘Metropolis’, and the intensity and expressionism of the Berlin artistic movement.

The result is an avant-garde collection in which expressionist verve is not only a palette but also involves shapes and silhouettes, where the purity of the cuts and lines is highlighted by special fabrics with the soul of vibrant and colorful expressionism. The colors used in intarsia and in intricate patterns rich in visual sensations become tactile through their intrinsic power.

Fashion becomes art and appears on masterpieces of womenswear whose textures are a signature and represent contemporary style with roots in the past and future, revealing the true essence of art in its continuous evolution.

In fact, if true elegance is an expression of an independent thinker, the free style that derives from it becomes the privileged channel.


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