Interview with Lisa Lesunja | Lesunja Fine Jewelry

Interview with Lisa Lesunja

Made in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Lesunja (@lesunja) represents artisanal craftsmanship at its finest, appealing to an exclusive customer base in boutiques, ateliers, and their website at They’re also coming to Paris Fashion Week with an exclusive show on Sept. 28. We spoke with designer Lisa Lesunja about what makes the brand special.

Q: What is your backstory?

I’m an artist, jewellery designer, and photographer. My brand Lesunja has existed for more than 17 years now and you find it in New York, Zurich and St. Moritz Switzerland

Q: What is the inspiration behind the brand and the jewellery?

Lesunja stands for jewellery that’s more than what meets the eye. Through brilliance in my art and technique, I create jewellery that tells a story. A story of those that build and wear it.

The inspiration behind my work comes from a deep attention to your aesthetic requirements and understanding what my pieces mean for you.

They represent celebrations, covenants, and memories – things that can only be captured by timeless masterpieces.

They represent things that can only be captured by timeless masterpieces

Q: Who is your core customer?

Clients who buy Lesunja have a desire for high quality in fine jewellery; they love the uniqueness and high exclusivity. Most of them love art and design and work in leadership positions or are self-employed with lots of responsibility for themselves and the business they stand behind.

Clients love the uniqueness and high exclusivity

Q: What makes Lesunja different? Tell us about the design and manufacturing process.

Clear-lined, avant-garde and old-fashioned love of detail with contrast and contemporary touches from the highest quality is what makes Lesunja stand out of the crowd.

We rely 100 percent on design at the top of the world St Moritz, Switzerland and production and manufacture each of our pieces by hand.

We rely 100 percent on design in St Moritz, Switzerland

Q: How can people buy Lesunja?

Continuously in our online store, in one of Lesunja`s boutiques in New York, Zürich and St. Moritz or at international art fairs like Basel ART, Design Basel Miami and design fairs.

Q: Tell us about your commitment to fair trade, sustainability, and responsibility.

Well I believe that we could make the world a better place if we buy less, but quality and take care of our treasures a lifetime. That’s how we work: we take the care of the rarest and most exclusive materials in the world, and we also we work with environmental friendly energy in our atelier in Switzerland to minimize the footprint in nature.

we work with environmental friendly energy in our atelier

Q: Tell us about your upcoming show during Paris Fashion Week! What can we expect to see?

The upcoming show was influenced by the last year; you will see two new collections and some fine art jewellery pieces made one-of-a-kind.

The Lesunja L Collection is timeless, elegant and contemporary; the Zodiac Collection is personal and emotional with an artisan influence made for you and your memories in life; and some special unique pieces have been picked from the Lesunja Classic Collections, so it’s an outstanding mixture between avant-garde clear lined and contemporary pieces made with the knowledge of an artisan craftsmanship and the extraordinary know-how of our modern times.

I’m very happy to be here in Paris and looking forward to Tuesday night.


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