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Interview with Coloured Raine Founder Loraine Dowdy

Coloured Raine Founder Loraine Dowdy Takes Us Through Her Home and Talks Her Brand

Most cosmetic brand founders don’t have a background, much less work experience, in the finance industry.

And it’s certainly not the origin one would expect after seeing the array of colors and daring products that Coloured Raine produces.

Interview with Coloured Raine Founder Loraine Dowdy1

Yet Loraine Dowdy, founder of cult cosmetic brand, exudes an idiosyncratic charm. You’d never guess she came from a world known for its utilitarian attitude and gray-on-gray aesthetic. She’s bubbly, kind, and gives the distinct impression that she is wise.

We asked Loraine to answer some questions in the comfort of her home about Coloured Raine’s mission, who she is, and what we can expect to see from Coloured Raine, which is already wonderfully unique, and on a very different path than mainstream cosmetics.


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