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Interview with Ty Hunter

Qeen Bey’s “forever stylist” Ty Hunter is a personality in his own right: he’s creator of the Ty-Lite, a selfie-lighting phone case for dark situations, styled Destiny’s Child, and he has his own clothing collection, With Passion.

Writer Eila Mell caught up with him backstage at Michael Costello.

Q: I’m here at Michael Costello show with one of my favorite people, Ty Hunter. How are you?

I love you. You’re one of my favorite people.

Q: Oh, you’re the best. I know that you are very special to Michael. How did you first meet?

I met Michael doing the Grammys a couple of years ago. I had all the racks and racks of dresses but — The Beyhive has a lot to do with this: Beyoncé’s fans always tagged me with Michael’s looks and stuff.

The Beyhive has a lot to do with this.

So I ended up going to Grammy pre-party that night, and I ran into Michael and I was like “You know what? I want to come to your showroom tomorrow because I love your work.”

And I went to the showroom and he showed me all this stuff, and I saw a lot of beautiful things, but not “that one thing.”

Q: The dress that was special.

Thank you. And he said, “Well, let me go upstairs,” and that dress was laying there, with no zipper and I said, “That’s it.” And it made history; it’s in the Grammy Museum. And Michael is just an amazing person.

It made history; it’s in the Grammy Museum.

We built a relationship; I use him all the time, he is family, all the tours, everything. His turnaround is great, the quality is great, and he is just talented.

Q: What a great story that you went to him.

Yeah, and he has a tattoo of the day that Beyoncé wore his dress because it was very life-changing for him.

Q: Is that with the zipper?

No, he put the actual date on his arm.

Q: Wow.


Q: That’s awesome. We all know that Ty dresses Beyoncé, but who else are some of your clients?

Ty Hunter by Reflex at Six:02 (coming soon to Foot Locker)

You know, I dress everybody. But right now I’m just focusing on Ty Hunter and I’m building my brand. I have this amazing women athleisure line that I just did with Six:02, I collaborated with Reflex and it’s my designs, it’ll be in all the Foot Lockers on the 23rd, exclusive in New York for 7 days, and then everywhere else.

Right now I’m focusing on Ty Hunter and I’m building my brand.

Q: And online, too?

Yes. I’m really excited, and I’m going to get you a little something.

Q: Oh, I like that. Excellent. That’s the best part of my job. It was so great to see you.

You too, you look fabulous and I love you, always.

Q: Thank you. Oh, love you.

Anything for you.


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