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Eila is one of the book industry’s "go-to" fashion authors. She recently worked with Heidi Klum and Harvey Weinstein on the official book of the hit TV series Project Runway. She also wrote the book New York Fashion Week: The Designers, the Models, the Fashions of the Bryant Park Era.

Interview with Stylist and Designer Charlotte Welch at NYFW

Story with Melanie Sutrathada


Interview with Charlotte Welch at NYFW

Q: We’re backstage at Michael Costello with Michael’s secret weapon, Charlotte Welch, his stylist forever. How are you, Charlotte?

I’m so happy you’re here; you’re my favorite backstage host!

Q: This is my favorite show always.

Thank you, that’s a huge compliment.

Q: Tell me about the collection?

This collection took us a long time. We needed a year to come back to Fashion Week, and for this season we went for something really different. We tried to see some things that we don’t usually use, like flowers, and a botanical idea. So we visited some places in L.A. and in California, and really got inspired by the architecture of blooming. That’s kind of how this collection came up.

We were inspired by the architecture of blooming.

Q: When you step in[to the creative process], are there arguments, or is it an easy collaboration? I mean, Michael’s so sweet.

He’s so sweet but yeah, these are his babies. So when I come in, there are a lot of arguments, but at the end of the day we know that’s work, and we’re just trying to make each other better. So we definitely hammer it out with each other, especially when we get closer to showtime.

Q: And then preparing make-up — do you participate in that at all?

Absolutely! He really wants me to help bring the girls to life. We test a lot before the show, so we’re making sure we’re getting the right color palette, and that we’re communicating the right things.

Q: We can’t see what’s coming down the runway. And soon, I hear, there are going to be more Charlotte bags coming? Charlotte also designs the most beautiful bags.

Yes, next season I’ll have more bags. This collection took up so much time. But I’m going to get back into the drawing room as soon as this season is over.

Q: Yes, please!

Thank you, thank you so much for coming.

Q: Always …


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