How to Look Cute in a School Uniform: Individualize & Dress it Up

How to Look Cute in a School Uniform: Individualize & Dress it Up

What can a girl do to make a school uniform cuter? It depends on the school & how strict the dress code is. Help & hot ideas for high school girl’s uniforms.

It may not be possible to make a school uniform glamorous, but there are ways suggested by a fashion easy essay writer to look cute while wearing one. Girls should read their school’s dress code to look for ways to tweak their outfits.

School Dress Code

Read the dress code carefully. If unsure about policy, ask someone at school for clarification. Some schools just give specific colors and basic clothing styles.

Other schools get very particular and regulate textures of socks, colors of shoes, heights of heels, sizes of earrings, and other details. However, there are usually small loopholes in the code for expressing individuality.

Do not get into trouble at school over something silly. If in doubt, ask the receptionist at the school office.

How to Look Good in Your School Uniform

How specific is the uniform? Look for areas where the outfit is not restricted. Most schools specify a certain color skirt, but does the booklet say that it must be a pleated skirt? Maybe it would look better as an A-line or a straight skirt. How short can it be? Must all clothing be purchased from a specific store?

Not all white blouses are created equal. Is it okay to wear different sleeve lengths or French cuffs? Does the booklet require a specific collar? Is it ok to wear a cardigan over a hideously baggy blouse? If not, try pushing the sleeves up.

School Uniform Shirt and Tailors

Girls who have never watched Troop Beverly Hills should watch that famously awesome movie. Pay attention to the scene where the fashionable troop leader tries on her uniform. Well, a tailor could have fixed it.

It seems like the crux of the uniform is the blouse. If that doesn’t fit right, it will ride up and out and make everything else look like ducky-ducky. If the white (or blue or whatever color) blouse can be purchased anywhere, go to a regular store. Traditional school uniforms are baggier.

Try search terms like these:

  • women’s stretch cotton shirts work
  • white work blouse
  • juniors stretch cotton blouse

If necessary, get a top that is a bit larger and have it resized at a tailor. Everything rests upon the fit of that blouse (or polo shirt). It may be necessary to have the trousers refitted, as well.

Consider getting some of the other components (vests, sweaters, trousers) in regular stores, also.

School Uniform Shoes

For shoes, try ballet flats. Trendy styles have cutouts or tiny metal studs. If there is nothing prohibiting ankle boots (and small heels are allowed) try on something like boots with heels. For example, a fashionable online essay writer suggests that they would be cool with trousers or black tights. If allowed to wear heels, do it. It’s an elegant look.

Change boring shoelaces to something fun like these:

  • Happy Bunny Throw-up Shoelaces.
  • Black shoelaces with little peace signs or stars.
  • Blue floral or cheetah laces.

Many little tricks can be learned from others. A girl shouldn’t push the limits until she knows her teachers love her. And, she should always be prepared to take off the bracelet or the cute scarf if the school thinks it is over the top.

How to Look Cute for School

If jewelry is allowed, get cute earrings, rings, and bracelets. Try:

  • Stackable Birthstone Rings.
  • Kimono Rings.
  • Lucky Brand rings and bracelets.
  • Cute Post Earrings.

Girls can sometimes wear a scarf in a bow or a man’s necktie in the proper colors.

Sometimes, a girl can wear what is expected and layer more on top. Try wearing lace anklets over knee socks or tights. Try handbags, belts, shoes, bracelets, and things like socks with tiny hearts. In some schools, girls wear skirts over their pants. It’s feminine and it’s easy to remove the skirt if required.

On a cardigan or blazer, change the regular buttons to subtly cuter buttons and alternate them.

Good Grooming is Imperative

Makeup: If makeup is not allowed, try a tinted moisturizer.
Good moisturizers:

  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free (10 shades)
  • Mac Studio Moisturizer Tint
  • Fresh Sugar Plum or Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment Moisturizer

Have eyebrows waxed? Get a professional manicure or have a girlfriend over and do each other’s nails.

Hair is a good place for individuality. Get a cut (and maybe some streaks) at a good salon. Change hair often with ponytails, braids, or pigtails.


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