How To Get That Close Clean Shave You Always Wanted

How To Get That Close Clean Shave You Always Wanted

We all desire to get a clean shave. However, it can be challenging to get this smooth shave. Shaving your skin removes the dirt, dead cells, and hair from your skin, thus helping you to have clearer skin. When you shave, it also becomes easier for you to apply make-up.

Your skincare products will also be more effective when you apply them after you shave. For shaving to be effective, it is advisable to follow some steps. These steps include cleansing your skin, using cream, and then shaving. You can then moisturize your skin after shaving. This article will guide you through the process of getting a close, clean shave.

1. Avoid Dry Shave

If you shave when your skin is dry, you increase the risk of getting skin irritation. Dry shaving also prevents you from getting exfoliation. If you want to get excellent exfoliation, it is advisable to shave when your skin is soft, like after taking a shower. Exfoliating the skin helps reduce the build-up of dead cells on the razer, making the razor less efficient. However, it is better to use cooler water when shaving than hot water. Hot water makes your skin too soft, thus increasing the risk of cuts.

2. Invest in a Good Razor

Another secret to getting a smooth shave is buying a good razor. One type of quality razor that can help you are the cut throat razors as they come in various designs that you can choose from depending on your taste. One of the benefits of these razors over other razors is that you do not need to replace them many times because they can serve you for generations. Using these razors is also straightforward, and it takes a short time to get a clean shave. There is nothing between the razor and the skin, and therefore, there is better contact with your skin.

3. Use Shaving Cream

Most people use soap as a lubricant for their skin when shaving. However, soap has an astringent effect on the skin that makes the skin dry and flaky when you dry. It is advisable to use shaving creams as they will soften your skin and help the razor to glide better on the skin.

4. The Direction of Hair Growth Matters

It is essential to pay attention to the pattern of your hair growth. Shaving against this pattern will give you a smooth and clean shave. For instance, the hair on the legs grows in a downward direction, and therefore it is advisable to do an upward shave to get a clean result. However, this may change when you are shaving your armpits. Shaving upwards on your armpits cuts the hair shaft, and when you do a downward shave, you remove the hair roots.

In summary, most people desire to get a clean and close shave. There are tips for achieving it like: softening your skin before shaving, using shaving cream, and investing in a good razor. It is also essential to note the pattern of hair growth as you shave to get excellent results.


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