Gola in Dauphinette FW22 Presentation

Gola in Dauphinette FW22 Presentation

Heritage, casual footwear brand Gola teamed up with Dauphinette as part of the label’s FW22 fashion presentation that took place on Sunday, February 13th, from 11AM to 1PM EST, at 175 Canal Street.

Two of Gola’s classic styles, the men’s Harrier and the women’s Coaster Strap, were used and worn in different colorways during Dauphinette’s FW22 presentation.

Model wears the Gola Classics Men’s Harrier Leather Sneakers in White/Navy/Red. Available at https://www.golausa.com/mens-gola-classics-c16/harrier-c83/gola-classics-mens-harrier-leather-sneakers-p951
Price: $105.00

Model wears the Gola Classics Men’s Harrier Suede Sneakers in Deep Red/White.. Available at https://www.golausa.com/mens-gola-classics-c16/heritage-styles-c246/mens-harrier-suede-sneakers-p1508
Price: $100.00

Model wears the Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Strap Sneakers in Off White/Dark Green. Available at https://www.golausa.com/womens-gola-classics-c15/vegan-gola-classics-womens-coaster-strap-sneakers-p1711
Price: $70.00

Model wears the Gola Classics Men’s Harrier Suede Sneakers in Black/Off White/Moody Orange. Available at https://www.golausa.com/mens-gola-classics-c16/mens-harrier-suede-sneakers-p2021
Price: $100.00

Gola is a brand steeped in British heritage. Born in Leicestershire, England in 1905, Gola holds a treasured place in British sporting history. As the biggest British sportswear brand of the 60s and 70s, Gola has been associated with sporting legends from the worlds of football, rugby, tennis, athletics and boxing. www.golausa.com


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