Gaucho Buenos Aires Showed NYFW the Western Aesthetic is Here to Slay

Gaucho Buenos Aires Showed NYFW that the Western Aesthetic is Timeless and Here to Slay

Gaucho – Buenos Aires‘ Fall 2022 collection was inspired by a modern interpretation of the inimitable spirit of the gaucho — the storied Argentinian wanderer and adventurer who embraced life boldly and confidently. This season marked the brand’s first collection overseen by newly announced Director of Design Lautaro Garcia de la Peña, a 29-year-old creative multi-hyphenate with an architecture degree from the esteemed Bellas Artes, the National Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

The runway presentation — held at Runway 7 as part of the official New York Fashion Week calendar — featured 25 looks for men and women, as well as leather goods and accessories, made of the highest quality materials in small-batch production quantities indicative of Argentina’s heritage of craftsmanship. Luxurious leathers, a signature of Gaucho – Buenos Aires, as well as pure silks, plush suedes, and cozy knit blends, comprised the collection, in a color palette of rich cognac and deep chocolate brown, sky and navy blue, creamy white, fiery red and timeless black. Select pieces from the collection include sustainable fabrics – in natural, organic, or recycled fibers.

Gaucho Buenos

Photos: Daniel Perry

Neels Visser, star of The Secret Life of Flowers, also walked in the runway show.

We got to chat with Lautaro, who everyone thought was also there to model; but in fact, showed us around the backstage before the exciting show hit the runway at Sony Hall.

Interview with Lautaro Garcia de la Peña

Q: We’re so excited to see Gaucho – Buenos Aires join the line up at NYFW on Day 1! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your brand?

My name is Lautaro Garcia de la Peña, I am Director of Design for Gaucho – Buenos Aires. My role is to convey to our audience all the values of who and what Gaucho is, and to nurture and grow our brand while maintaining our core mission and narrative. To communicate to people who we are, in the most sensitive way.

Gaucho is a brand for tomorrow’s originals. Our values — strength, resilience, optimism — run through everything we make, from the quality of our leather to the fearlessness of our cuts and our unending passion for Buenos Aires’ fashion heritage.

We’re here for entrepreneurial spirits and self-starters, and for people who want their fashion to feel as good as it looks. In complementing your style now and inspiring your future choices, we give you the confidence to realize whatever version of you you’re working towards.

Gaucho is a brand for tomorrow’s originals

Q: Can you explain to our readers what Gaucho means? We’ve seen the term and culture represented in many brands from Galliano to Dior.

Gaucho – Buenos Aires embodies the bold spirit of our namesake — the horsemen who represent our Argentinian culture, traditions and pride—and infuses it with the modern, cosmopolitan energy of our capital city. The result is something wholly individual, whether it’s one of our fine leather handbags, our chic street-style sportswear, or our unique home goods. Everything we create is a celebration of style, craftsmanship, adventure and all life’s pleasures.

Q: You design for Men and Women – what are some of your best sellers?

Our leather bags and accessories seem to be garnering the most attention. The Lucky Bag, which recently launched, is extremely popular. This bag is truly a statement piece and can be carried from season to season. It is a traditional saddle bag with a contemporary upgrade, which includes intricate hand-crafted leatherwork that is a trademark of our brand. The Lucky Bag is created with the craftsmanship, culture, and spirit Gaucho – Buenos Aires is known for.

The Lucky Bag is truly a statement piece

Several of our leather bags are popular with both men and women, such as our Esquel Hand-Braided Bag, our Bolson Shopper, or our Goya Backpack. And our Gaucho hat, the “Quintana”, is also very popular.

Q: What is your favorite look from your NYFW show at Runway 7?

My favorite look from Gaucho’s NYFW show at Runway 7 is our new leather poncho. This poncho is constructed from a very superior quality of Argentine leather – the best in my opinion, and the way it drapes on the body is very beautiful and elegant. This versatile leather poncho speaks to Gaucho’s heritage and conveys the Argentinian spirit 100%. It conveys the strength of the Gaucho, and I believe wearing it conveys the strong personality of the wearer as well, quite powerfully.

My favorite look from Gaucho’s NYFW show at Runway 7 is our new leather poncho

Q: We read you’re opening a store in Miami, the magic city. How did you choose this location and why?

Miami has gone through a renaissance over the past decade and continues to become increasingly important as an American fashion city. The rise of the Design District, Art Basel, Wynwood, as well as the expansion of Midtown and Brickell, has ushered in the growth of Miami’s luxury stores and year-round tourist traffic with eyes on luxury shopping and experiences. Fashion brands from all over the world – including ourselves – are setting up shop in Miami, because it is an undeniable fashion hub that is clearly still growing.

Q: Anything else you want to share with our readers in terms of what’s next?

Gaucho’s next step is launching our jewelry collection, which was created to convey, and celebrate, the qualities of our identity. Just like the rest of our entire line of products, our soon-to-launch jewelry collection tells a story—of a place, a people, a culture, a lifestyle. Our brand and products reflect the ethos of the gaucho—the strength, passion, intensity and resilience.

Gaucho’s jewelry pieces are completely made in solid sterling silver, and everything we create is made to last a lifetime. The collection is divided into six families and each family contains four unique pieces that will appeal to a variety of tastes. This unisex jewelry collection celebrates our heritage—Gaucho fully embraces the distinctive Argentinian lifestyle, one that is unexpected, adventurous, spirited, and unique.


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