From AI to Sustainability, Taipei Fashion Week SS24 Best Highlights

Taipei Fashion Week SS24 showcases the best of Taiwan’s fashion design, featuring 16 brands that range from the established to the emerging.

The event showcases the talents and visions of designers such as Ray Chu and IRENSENSE, who are making their debut in Taipei, as well as JENN LEE and Oqliq, who have participated in London Fashion Week.

The designers explore the themes of AI, fantasy, daily life, and sustainability, reflecting the rich and varied culture of Taipei. Here are some of the highlights:

Taipei Fashion Week SS24


IRENSENSE blends the vision and perception of life into neat contours of garments with a chilled life attitude, creating a fun and artistic dressing style. The theme of this season’s collection is “vision,” which shares the meanings of foresight, imagination, and dream. It delivers “Alice in the wonderland”, the fairy tale world and a young girl’s imagination by colors, totems, patterns, and fabric details. Alice’s journey through the rabbit hole, where she initially experienced fear but eventually overcame her fears and embraced her identity, serving as a metaphor for IRENSENSE’s message of encouraging individuals to create their own unique life paths.


JENN LEE’s SS24 collection embodies the brand’s core concept of “be happy and play hard.” The designer aims to create a paradise where one can express their personality with boldness and naturalness. JENN LEE employs organic methods, such as ironing fabrics to produce natural wrinkles and using a rusty bike chain to dye the fabrics. The collection is a result of 80% craft expression and 20% beautiful accident, creating unlimited possibilities.


The theme for oqLiq’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is “Diffusion,” inspired by the potential diffusion model of AI-generated art. The scientific concepts of deconstruction, reassembly, restoration, and balance are explored throughout the design process.

Through diffusion, the collection transcends individual attachments, allowing self-boundaries to dissipate into boundless existence. The design of the collection deconstructs the wings of insects, and manifests with a cyborg style. In addition, the bionic and robotic style of the collection represents the design of the contemporary functional apparel. The hidden breathe design is able to adapt weather changes, and it blends in the local elements, which is the expertise of the brand, the result is the unique urban function with oriental style.


RAY CHU known for breaking traditional norms with uniquely personalized designs, emphasizes material selection and environmental practices. Through design, RAY CHU conveys a fashion philosophy that upholds both beauty and responsibility. The collection features a palette rich in soft blues and sandy whites, complemented by hints of ocean green and fiery red, painting a vivid narrative. Notably, Ray Chu has harnessed innovative 3D printing technology to recreate the skeletal structure of the Manta Ray, highlighting the importance of safeguarding marine ecosystems and advocating for environmental conservation.


Seivson, a fashion brand that interprets fashion from a female perspective, is seeking to balance commercial and aesthetic success to infuse new energy into fashion industry. The brand’s philosophy of “looking at life with a flipped angle” is reflected in its latest collection, which draws inspiration from urban working girls.

The collection expresses its themes through a special stripe cutting technique, as well as distinctive suits and trench coats that feature the brand’s signature designs of hollow out, deconstruction, and multi-layers. These designs reveal the secrets of the people who wear them, adding a touch of mystery to the collection.


WANGLILING SS24 “Glorious Tree Series” is a collaborative project with renowned Japanese comic artist Junji Ito. It draws inspiration from Ito’s classic work, “Blood-bubble Bushes,” and the upcoming “Bloody Smart” drama. This collection pays homage to iconic stories and characters, blending two-dimensional artistry with WANGLILING’s brand identity, using sustainable fabric innovation with intricate craftsmanship, WANGLILING hopes to convey the sustainability ideology while offering a visual feast.


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