Emerge by Oxford Fashion Studio Brings Moore College of Art & Design Graduates to New York for Fashion Week

Oxford Fashion Studio closed out the day of shows with incredible designs from Aniyah Holmes, Casey Quinn, Noelle Small, Shay Mccomsey, Teonna Thornton, Viviene Maestrado, and Jasmine Schulte, all students at Moore College of Art & Design.

Casey Quinn
Caseyquinndesign.com | @caseyquinn__

Casey Quinn is a luxury ready to wear designer based outside of Philadelphia. Nature is the primary source of inspiration for the designer as she explores the juxtaposition of structural and organic elements within her collections. Quinn is driven by the desire to create beautifully refined garments for her sustainably conscious clients. The conception of her Spring/Summer 2023 collection was inspired by nature, the featured garments are a portrayal of fluidity and structural integrity. From the soft and delicate petals to the technically challenging fabricated suits, the collection is also a representation of Casey Quinn’s design process, one that is methodical but intuitive.

Viviene Maestrado

Viviene Maestrado’s collection is about expressing your true self, whether it’s about your personality or where you come from. If she were to describe her collection in three words, they would be vintage, free and whimsical. The inspiration stems from the designer’s Filipino heritage and how the Philippines gained its independence from Spain’s colonization and the protection under the U.S. until the end of World War II. Earth tones with warm and cool colors represent the environment. Maestrado incorporated significant elements from traditional Filipino clothing and mixed them with modern styles to mash the past and present that create the future.

Jasmine Schulte
Jasmineschulte.com | @jasmineknits

Jasmine Schulte (They/them) is a non-binary designer who found their way in this world by using textiles as their voice in processing their experience with PTSD. Finding joy through immersing themselves in pleasant sensory experiences such as eyelash yarns and sculpture and freeform crochet, Schulte plans on continuing to push the boundaries of knitwear by creating one of a kind zero waste garments.

Rolland 950 is an Avant-Garde knitwear collection that reflects on the family and childhood home that Schulte suddenly lost in 2011 to an act of gun violence. The bulbous silhouettes and restricting sleeves reflect intensely upon the weight they have been carrying since the death of their step-mother Stephanie Gates and separation from their younger brother Brody. Deep mossy roots and mycelium throughout the collection reflect on the physical manifestation of chronic pain and prolonged trauma.

Shay Mccomsey

During her tenure at Moore, Shay Mccomsey learned more about the impact fashion has on the environment and it has driven her to create a more responsible future for fashion. Raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mccomsey learned sewing and quilt making from her great aunt. She taught Mccomsey how to salvage and transform discarded textiles. Mccomsey aspires to change the fashion industry ethically by seeking ways to improve and protect the environment.

Teonna Thornton

Natural Beauty is inspired by body image and body modification, paired with sustainable and recyclable materials. Each silhouette is inspired by different female body types—such as rectangle, pear, hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, diamond, and apple—and draws attention to parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, hips, legs, and arms. All of the textures and prints are inspired by different body modifications from different cultures such as neck stretching, tattoos, body paint, ear and lip stretching, hair braiding, wigs, and piercings. They are translated into a silkscreen print design and through the use of tapestry weaving, beads, wire wrapping, rust dye, embroidery, needle felting, and braiding materials. The fabrics are made of organic cotton, cotton, wool, silk, and other natural fibers. Wood and recycled scraps will be incorporated into future accessories to pair with the looks.

Noelle Small
noellesmall.com | @noellesmalldesigns

As a designer, Noelle Small loves to create designs that are elegant, romantic, and classic. This bridal collection, Sentimental Promises, stayed true to her aesthetic. Sentimental Promises is based on the old English rhyme: “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” The apparel from the 1800s inspired her to create dramatic silhouettes that marry the past to the present. The designs embrace sustainability, traditional elements, and a genuine modern twist of an age-old custom.

About Oxford Fashion Studio

Since 2009 Oxford Fashion Studio, led by Carl Anglim and Tiffany Saunders, has helped 700+ designers from 70+ countries to launch collections into the UK, USA and European markets. The company began at Oxford University and then grew from there to London, New York, Milan and Paris producing shows and campaigns for independent designers across all four fashion capitals. The company has produced runway shows, speaker events, retail events, photography and art exhibitions, film screenings, networking events, live photo shoots, live fashion sketching, city-wide late openings of high street retailers and museum lates including a fashion takeover of the Ashmolean Museum attracting 2,500+ attendees.


About Emerge

Emerge: the new platform for emerging designers by Oxford Fashion Studio. Built with fresh eyes by experienced hands for a new generation of design talent. Created specifically to meet the needs of emerging designers: high-quality, industry-connected, cost-sensitive and backed by an experienced and friendly team. Design is about ideas and a diversity of ideas is in all of our interests. Lockdowns have hit emerging independent designers hard. But now, with shows scheduled for London in September, it’s time to emerge: www.emergeshow.co.


About Moore College of Art & Design

Moore College of Art & Design remains the first and only historically visual arts college for women in the nation—an inclusive and innovative home to nine prestigious BFA programs and so much more. Our mission is more relevant than ever, as technology, sustainability and diverse cultures drive and disrupt new and existing industries. Through dynamic BFA and Graduate Studies programs, educational programs for creatively curious youth and professional adult learners, and our own public and dedicated space for contemporary art—The Galleries at Moore—we are influencers and advocates for breakthrough artists and designers of all ages and backgrounds.



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