Dressit – The App Revolutionizing Shopping High-Fashion Online!

Dressit – Revolutionizing Shopping High-Fashion Online!

Recently launched, dressit is an innovative fashion marketplace app which connects local fashion with customers for an ideal shopping experience. Today fashion e commerce is a blooming market. Buying fashion online is inefficient and time-consuming process.

Customers order items and usually get a different size, shape and fabric which on an image looks completely different. Furthermore, customers are unable to try before they buy, which leads to high percentage of returns. And returns are the main pain-point of the customers. Actually, 75% of customers are unhappy with the return process.

The app also includes a built in AI personal shopper feature that helps customers choose the most suitable color and style option.


Dressit customers can shop from various of quality and authentic boutiques, brands and designers based in New York City, order a few items versions – colors, sizes or styles, get them all delivered to their home – within a few hours, try them on in the comfort of their own home and decide which items they love. For any undesired items, they can submit a return request and on the next day a messenger picks-up the retuned items from the customers home directly to the store. Customer pays only for the items they choose to keep.

As an online store, dressit empowers boutiques, designers and brands, which need visibility and awareness. In-fact 75% of small businesses are struggling to build an effective online presence as well as they are lacking tools to manage logistics operations, and they left behind. There are many fashion apps around – but only dressit is designed and tailored for those small boutiques, brands and designers by focusing on their needs.

Also, at dressit, in comparing to other fashion apps, there are no cut-off times, one can place an order until the store is close! Customers can enjoy all full day to make a decision. Also, at dressit, same day delivery is not limited by certain items – All Items Are Available For a Same Day Delivery. In addition, at dressit customers pays ONLY for items they love, try them before, return the rest with VIP service with only 12$ fees for delivery + free returns! Those fees are less than half from other fashion apps.


Koral Zaborof, the founder & CEO of dressit. With a professional background as a a lawyer, she is an ultimate fashion customer, and dressit’s inspiration came from her dippiest concerns as a customer. Koral founded the company together with her spouse, Yonatan, who has been in the retail business for 10 years. They established dressit with a small but super talented team team, 2 top tear developers, product manager, UI/UX designers, fashion experts, PR and financial advisors.

As Koral describes ‘Dressit was founded right before COVID has started and our vision was to make a solution for last minute shoppers, who have an unexpected dinner/event/party/vacation and don’t have a time to shop around, try on many items and waist priceless time on finding what they love! After a while we found that it is more than a last-minute shopping experience, our generation wants to get everything fast, easy and comfortable. Also, COVID unraveled a new shopping behavior where customers want to shop safely and comfortably from their own homes so with dressit we aim to provide the perfect tool for this.’

The app is already live and available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.


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