CENTRESTAGE Brings together Global Brands to Showcase Inclusion and Diversity

CENTRESTAGE 2022, one of Asia’s most anticipated annual fashion events, will be held from 9 to 11 September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) Hall 1A-C.

More than 240 fashion brands and designer labels from 15 countries and regions will take part in the three-day fashion presentation, promoting a wide variety of ready-to-wear apparel and accessories.

This year’s CENTRESTAGE revolves around the theme of “Inclusion and Diversity”, inviting visitors to express themselves boldly through fashion and at the same time, celebrating the differences between bodies, cultures and ideologies.

CENTRESTAGE will host more than 30 fashion events in these three days, including a series of brand shows and seminars. The opening gala show on 9 September at 7pm, CENTRESTAGE ELITES, will see the global launch of the latest collections from two designer brands – Derek Chan and Mite Chan’s renowned brand DEMO from Hong Kong, as well as acclaimed Japanese designer Hideaki Shikama’s Children of the discordance. Both Derek Chan and Hideaki Shikama were chosen as the 10 Asian Designer to Watch in 2020 by Fashion Asia Hong Kong. Watch the show live on CENTRESTAGE website.

Derek Chan and Mite Chan, Founders of the Hong Kong brand DEMO

DEMO was founded in 2014 by locally bred designers Derek Chan and Mite Chan upon their completion of studies in fashion design. After joining the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest in 2012, Derek was ignited to start his own label, DEMO, which stands for “Demonstration of yourself”.

DEMO seeks to break gender norms and create the unique notion of soft masculinity. Its design philosophy celebrates boundless gender fluidity, individuality and self-expression, echoing the tagline of this year’s CENTRESTAGE, #MeMyselfAndUs. Taking inspiration from art, nature and classic literature, DEMO infuses sensitivity, emotional appeal and delicacy – traditionally found mostly in womenswear – into a progressive yet neutral menswear silhouette.

Hideaki Shikama, Founder of Children of the discordance from Japan

Founded in 2011 by Japanese designer Hideaki Shikama, works of Children of the discordance pay tribute to street culture and dances with the attitude of “discordance” and “rebelliousness”. Shikama takes inspiration from music, fashion and zeitgeist from the 90s and beyond, creating a youthful and characteristic brand that respects craftsmen, creators and producers behind the scenes.

Children of the discordance has been highly acclaimed by the fashion community in both Japan and around the globe. Shikama won the prestigious Tokyo Fashion Award in 2018 and the brand has also been selected for Milano Fashion Week since 2020.

CENTRESTAGE will again be open to public and trade visitors throughout the entire show period, providing an ideal platform for visitors to share the joys of fashion and shopping. A wide array of interactive experiences empowered by AR and VR technologies will be offered at the fairground to enrich visitors’ experience, including the brand new CENTREVERSE, a custom-built metaverse where visitors can interact and participate in fashion events using personalised avatars.

Visitors can jump into the brand new CENTREVERSE and interact with each other

These are just among some of the highlights to look forward to at this year’s CENTRESTAGE. Register now for free admission or visit the event’s official website for more information.

CENTRESTAGE Elites opening gala show
Date: 9 September (Fri)
Time: 7:00-7:30pm
Live-stream: https://bit.ly/3Ki1mSD

Date: 9-11 September (Fri to Sun)
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Halls 1A-C
Register now for free: https://bit.ly/3cEiZ2z

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