Brasil Eco Fashion Week in Milan: Fashion That Makes A Difference

Fashion That Makes A Difference

8 companies from Brazil pushing responsible innovation

At Milan Fashion Week, Brasil Eco Fashion Week, BEFW — the first Fashion Week in Latin America entirely dedicated to circular textiles – was the protagonist of an important moment of dissemination of contemporary textile culture.

A team of 8 Brazilian companies showed how they have been able to create innovation not only with eco-high-tech products and materials, but also with new formulas, business models and production systems that respect the planet and people: the stylists who were presented at BEFW are real visionary innovators who aim to generate change on all levels, change that starts from the entire production system and favorably affects retailers, leading international brands, research companies, communication experts, and even the final consumer.

The Brasil Eco Fashion Week

Milan has welcomed BEFW and its 8 virtuous companies with great success: ready to “close the circle” of the circular economy, through the analysis of the countless opportunities of this multi-faceted approach, they have shown to be exceptional players in making their experience and different perspectives in responsible business available to the public. This attitude constantly paves the way for new challenges and perspectives for the brand’s ethical commitment, pushing the development of new technologies available to sustainability. All this was presented at the Milan Fashion Week through some significant case histories during the Show Room on September 24 and the physical fashion shows on September 25, at the Botanical Garden in Brera.

BEFW is the identification mark of an evolved, integrated, transparent, traceable and certified supply chain that recovers and transforms pre-consumer waste, putting it back into processing for maximum reuse, a circularity and traceability system that allows you to give new life to discarded garments and which directly involves consumers: an entirely Italian example of this system is the one offered by the Prato district for generations, the true center of the culture of fabric recycling.

The philosophy of the 8 BWFW companies is a leading reality in Brazil that makes it the center of the culture of recycling in the country, a necessary and fundamental step that leads to the circular economy trying to analyze a broad spectrum, different perspectives for a common intent of the many faces of the circular economy and its business models.

This was the goal of the BEFW in Milan, to testify a path with something that in its DNA actually never ends, just like the circular economy – the central theme of the Team for a beautiful and good fashion – and to be able to contribute to building a truly sustainable future.


The ancient art of bobbin lace is the hallmark of the Ole Rendeiras Brand which created a joint collection with the Catarina Mina brand. The collection wanted to re-propose the craftsmanship of Trairi, typical of the west coast of Ceará, in a modern concept. Supporting the brand and its side of social inclusion is the wind energy company Qair Brasil, from the collaboration with which the collection presented at MFW21 was born. The inspiration of the “LITORÂNEA” collection by Ole Rendeiras & Catarina Mina is found in the landscapes of Trairi, which embrace the suggestive beaches of Fleixeiras, Mundaú and Guajiru, the nostalgia of the sea, the subtle and inexorable rhythm of the waves, the tradition of an ancient art that looks to the future to create a collection with a modern concept, to pass on a technique that is an example to young people.


Inspired by the writer Érico Veríssimo, who portrayed the culture and women of the “Sul do Brasil” with great skill, it maintains firm the concept of Brazilian plurality and its rich creative repertoire. Ancient craft techniques to promote local culture with a global vision, using materials and adopting manual production processes, for a concept of an ecologically conscious and socially engaged universe, the enhancement of the culture of the “gauchos de las pampas”, herdsmen of the southern prairies, to create an elegant and timeless fashion of accessories, footwear and clothing, garments made one by one respecting the times of nature by mixing the wisdom of the past with contemporary design.


An interesting work by the stylist Enéas Neto who combines Haute Couture and moulage tailoring techniques with craftsmanship, technology and Zero Waste modeling technique that allows to eliminate the waste of raw materials and therefore does not generate waste within the production process.

The collection takes its name from one of the legends of the Blue Raven, the Cyanocorax caeruleus, a bird symbol of the State of Paraná, where the brand was born, along with the morphological study of some birds. The Enéas Neto brand conveys the agility, lightness and power of this bird in the Cyanocorax 2022 collection.

Compared to feathers that function as protection, facilitating flight and helping
to conserve body heat, but also constituting a fundamental element in
communication between birds of the same species, the clothes can actually
perform similar functions.


The clothes in the Helena Pontes collection convey the authenticity of Brazilian roots, taking inspiration in particular from the profound significance of the female ancestors of the indigenous culture. A totally sustainable supply chain, from suppliers to raw materials, to fabrics produced on the territory such as linen, cotton, lyocel and acetate. The only synthetic fiber is the biodegradable polyamide of the Amni Soul Eco brand, produced in the Rhodia region, a fabric that absorbs sweat and promotes thermal balance.

The brand’s fabric prints are created in collaboration with Brazilian artists and designers through digital printing techniques, with water-based, biodegradable and Oeko-Tex certified paints.


The people of color who inspire change and transformation. Symphony of colors for a dream: the stylist Kel Ferey and Woolmay Mayden, the famous Haitian model, have come together for this. The aim is to develop a unique, light, timeless and charitable collection. A concept contained in the 15 unique looks presented in Milan, outfits rich in prints that refer to urban streetwear, in which the common thread is represented by the universal human gaze of the designers. Creating the “Brilhantismo na Sala de Estar” collection was an intense process of great discovery. Each piece created by the designers embodies a piece of Haiti’s history, connecting with the names of personalities such as Toussaint, Catherine Flon and others. The revenues obtained from the sale of the pieces of the collection, created by Kel Ferey in collaboration with Woolmay Mayden and presented at the Fashion Runway Show, will be allocated to solidarity initiatives aimed at supporting people in difficult situations.


Libertees, a socially responsible registered brand, creates opportunities to give new meaning to the life of women in prison through fashion, and presented its new collection “O Café e Suas Flores”, designed by stylist Ana Paula Sudano and Juliano Sá, at the Brera Botanical Garden: 15 models walked the runway to present a collection of about 30 items which, following the event, will be exhibited in the showroom of the Botanica Garden. The stylist and educator Ana Paula Sudano explains that the “O Café e Suas Flores” collection is inspired by the coffee flower, which, with its delicacy and strength, bursts into the labor camps, evoking the kindness of the female figure, but also the resilience of life and, above all, liberation and redemption through work. Strong colors, uncompromising lines and rich stories attribute authenticity to the unique prints, a brand on which stories of coffee extraction are mixed together with a strong identity character that constitute the leitmotif of the collection.


As its logo, Natural Cotton Color has chosen the symbolic tree of Brazil, and made its debut in Italy with the collection called “Ipês do Brasil, from Cerrado to Sertão”. The brand has been operating in the sustainable fashion segment for 15 years, producing yarns and fabrics and dresses in colorful, 100% organic cotton from Paraíba. Cotton is produced already colored in the shades of beige, brown and green, and therefore does not need additives or dyes. Natural Cotton Color is known for promoting a production chain that ranges from the cultivation of cotton to family farming, through innovation in the textile sector to the creation of slow fashion clothing. The identity of the brand is recognized by the intertwining of craftsmanship with innovation and design. The pieces and products are characterized by high added value and stand out in the luxury market for their exclusivity.


The eco-sustainable brand Rico Bracco was founded in 2015 by the designer Fabrício Bracco. For his creations, the designer takes inspiration from the memory of the emotions experienced during his childhood, creating bucolic, simple and functional looks made of linen. The Ovest Blessmann line seems to offer a romantic narrative of everyday life during the colonization period. It can undoubtedly be said that Fabrício Bracco possesses an inexhaustible creative spirit: he is passionate about progressive philosophical movements, a contemplator of art in its various forms, an admirer of organic gastronomic processes that support environmental sustainability and favor the circular economy. The creation of the garments acquires depth from idealization to creation, precisely because of the attention paid to details. Moulage techniques are added to the modeling, combined with extreme precision during the sewing phase, for both industrially and manually sewn clothes.

The French or English seams, made on linen cloths, not only respect the body, allowing cellular respiration, but are also technically flawless.


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