Bohemian Wedding Dress: What Is It And Why Is It Trendy Nowadays?

Bohemian Wedding Dress: What Is It And Why Is It Trendy Nowadays?

You might have been hearing about bohemian wedding dresses from the mouths of the latest brides.

Such dresses have been in the wedding outfit markets for a long time, and you may be wondering what the sudden buzz is all about, and what makes them unique and outstanding from other wedding dresses? This article answers these questions, as well as highlights reasons to consider a bohemian wedding dress for your wedding.

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What Is A Bohemian Wedding Dress?

It’s natural to wonder what exactly a boho wedding dress looks like, especially if you haven’t seen one before. Boho wedding dresses are rich with jewels and floral embroideries. These dresses are the go-to options for brides who are carefree and casual, and want their gowns to reflect their personalities. An additional advantage is that boho wedding dresses come in a wide range of prices, which means there’s a dress for every budget.

Why Is It Trendy Nowadays?

A major reason for boho wedding dresses being so trendy nowadays can be associated with a massive increase in the number of bohemian-styled weddings being held today. It’s important to understand that boho wedding dresses are a feature and essential component of a bohemian wedding.

A boho wedding allows various expressions based on what the couple identifies with in a simple and adventurous way. This type of wedding is known to be simple, and also known for its frugality, which has become widely accepted nowadays. Therefore, budget-conscious couples usually opt for boho weddings. This recent adoption of the boho wedding style has undoubtedly increased the trends of boho wedding dresses.

Boho wedding dresses come in different styles and designs, which is also a significant reason for their wide acceptance lately. Every bride dreams of having a wedding dress that’s simple, filled with class and glamor, and evokes an aura of wonder around her. Boho wedding dresses come in forms that suit the particular theme you have in mind.

If you want a wedding dress that comes in a personalized design, then a boho wedding dress could be the right choice for you. It’s characterized by its flowy fabrics, floral design, and specimen prints, with an ambience of nature and free spirit.

Features of A Boho Wedding Dress That Makes It Unique and Trendy
  1. Comfortable: The boho dress styles are made with fluid fabrics that are well-aerated and move with the flow of the wind, especially if you’re having a beachside wedding party. Most brides are up for the comfort of their wedding dresses on their special day, which makes them opt for boho wedding dresses—the real definition of comfort and class.
  2. Noble materials: This modern trend doesn’t just consider the style of the dress, but also the type of materials used. Boho wedding dresses give priority to the use of noble, fine materials, such as silk, crocheted cotton, silk crepe, and lace, with details that give refined looks.
  3. Natural and soft colors: Since simple weddings are the new order of the day, it’s very rare to find loud and flashy colors. Most bohemian wedding dresses come primarily in white, beige, or nude shades, which give a perfect retro and romantic touch.
  4. ¾ sleeves or long sleeves: A lot of no-sleeved wedding dresses have filled the markets, and brides that want that unique touch usually go for a bohemian ¾ -sleeved or long-sleeved wedding dress. Guipure sleeves made from lace, silk, or cotton materials give the bride an elegant look and a touch of romance.
  5. Unique style: For brides who want a silhouette theme for their wedding, boho wedding dresses can make it possible without eliminating class and elegance. How about a crop top and a fluid skirt? It’s an excellent choice for the contemporary bride. Wedding dresses don’t always have to be gowns. The crop top and fluid skirt combo helps keep the style between retro and modern. This one has hit the trends massively.
  6. Open back: This feature makes a boho wedding dress unique and trendy. A bride wants to see the wow effect on her guests` faces when she turns her back. A diving, light V that closes with tiny beautiful buttons can bring out the charm in any wedding dress.

If you’re a bride who desires of having a dreamy garden, courteous, or civil wedding without the interference of ceremonial noises, going for a boho style is one of the best options for you. Picture yourself in a bridal gown embellished with laces and tiny sparkling stones, with a simple yet gorgeous bouquet of flowers in your hands, walking down the aisle to meet your prince. Wearing a bohemian wedding dress means joining the trend of class and elegance.


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