7 Accessories That Are Sure to Complete Any Look

If you’re looking to up your fashion game, you might be wondering whether or not any accessories could make a big difference. Should you splurge on those new sunglasses you’ve been eyeing? What about another handbag? And could you be the kind of person who makes a hat work? One thing’s for sure: whether it’s sunglasses or a bold lip, a few accessories are sure to help you complete your next big look.

We know a thing or two about fashion, and we have a few suggestions about what you can try in your next fun ensemble. Is your wardrobe complete without a new pair of sunglasses? We’re here to answer all your questions about how to style some essential accessories. Are you interested? Please continue reading for our complete breakdown of a few accessories that are sure to complete any look.

Grab Some New Sunglasses

Regardless of the season, a new pair of sunglasses will make your outfit look fun and fresh. If you pick some larger frames in a bright color, they’re sure to be the feature piece that completes your favorite looks. And, as a big bonus, sunglasses can be functional and stylish.

Even in the winter, your eyes will need some protection. Pair your favorite dark sunglasses with a heavy coat, and they’ll fit right into your ensemble. Just be sure to pick something with acetate instead of metal if you don’t want your nose to get too cold.

Pick Up That Cute Handbag

Handbags and backpacks can also help you complete an outfit, especially if you pick something that pairs well with the overall ensemble. If you’re going monochromatic, don’t be afraid to use your favorite purse to add a contrasting pop of color.

Further, one of the best ways to look cute and coordinated is to match up your metals and hardware. If there’s a silver buckle on your handbag, make sure that your other jewelry pieces primarily feature silver. Mixing metals isn’t always bad, but matching them is sure to make those with keen eyes really appreciate the little details.

Don’t Be Afraid of Statement Shoes

Because shoes can be a little expensive, many of us can be scared of spending money on anything other than neutral. However, especially if you know you wear certain colors frequently, you can get away with purchasing shoes that are a little different.

If you wear a ton of mustard yellow, for example, grabbing some boots in the same color might help you look extraordinarily color-coordinated. Or, you can even choose shoes in a fun contrasting color, allowing them to take the spotlight in your otherwise monochromatic outfit.

Or, if you still want to wear shoes with most of your closet, try looking for pairs with some extra pizzazz. Try looking for extra buckles, exciting textures, fringe, sparkles, zippers, or fun patterns that aren’t present on most other shoes. This is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and still stick with neutrals.

Try a Chunky Necklace

Many people are interested in trying jewelry, as simple pieces can be easily accessible and don’t present too much risk. But we don’t think that anyone should be scared of going a little bolder. Try picking chunkier bracelets and necklaces to pair with your outfits, and you’ll surely win some compliments.

Wear an Experimental Bold Lip

While makeup isn’t typically considered an accessory, bold lip colors might be a reasonable exception to this rule. If you’re staying pretty understated with the rest of your outfit, we’re big fans of ensuring you try something at least a little daring. So, especially if you aren’t experimenting with the rest of your outfit, wear a bold lip.

Cinch in Your Waist With a Belt

Belts can also be extremely fun and interesting, especially if you want to create a little more drape and shape to your overall silhouette. And if you choose to thrift this accessory, it can be pretty inexpensive to find varying thicknesses and fun colors.

This is a great way to add an extra pop of color to the center of your outfit, break up otherwise large shapes, and draw attention to your waist. For most people, this is a great way to create an illusion of an hourglass figure, making this a fun and simple way to feel more confident.

Draw in Attention With a Fun Hat

You may also want to experiment with headwear. This can include hats with fun shapes and textures, headbands, hairclips, and styles. Additionally, if you pick the right hardware, this can add a little height whenever people send a glance your way.

If you want to keep it simple, try a beanie in a neutral color. Or, if you want to keep the sun off your face, try something with a bit of a brim. Choosing to add a hat to your ensemble can make you look effortlessly stylish and coordinated.


If you’re trying to experiment with fashion and style, accessories are a fun and easy way to get started. You can wear any of these, including sunglasses, at any time of the year. We dare you to be experimental, and we also hope our accessory suggestions point you in the right direction during your style journey.